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                                   Hi to all you boat builders :)               


                             Should I have a garboard strake on hull?


                             I'm currently planking the Hermione la Fayette - scale I=89 AL. All the planks for the hull

                    are a measurement of 2mm x 5mm but no such garboard strake included in the kit. I have built

                    the Bluenose-// AL, witch there was no problem at all.

                             The Hermione.... is a bluff bowed French frigate  witch I thought should have a garboard

                    strake?          There is no such garboard plank in the kit so i'm baffled as to weather it should? 

                                                                                  also if yes should I make one from that sized plank?


                                                          Your answers to this question would be most helpful     :)





                  Warning!!!!!   i'm still learning :(




Saving for: HMS Vanguard...Victory models.

finished: Bluenose11...Billing Boats... (sorry no log.

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Kier, the garboard is the first plank next to the keel, so you WILL have one.  Whether it can be cut from the stock provided is another matter.  It might need to be cut from wider stock.

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Greetings Kier,


In my opinion, so long as the stock you have is the right thickness, I wouldn't worry about the width. You can always edge glue a couple of planks together to form a wider plank from which to cut the garboard. Kier, don't fixate on the idea that the garboarb must be wider. At model scale it is perfectly acceptable to use whatever width is suitable to do the job.



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