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USS Constitution - Revell - 1:96


USS Constitution - Revell - 1:96
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USS Constitution - Plastic Kit from Revell - 1:96 Scale. This was the first model ship I built for my father as he was never able to complete his. This ship ignited my interest in model ship building as I saw it sitting on my dad's work table all my life growing up. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the challenge presented by model ships but after completing it I have not been able to stop.

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Well, Ive finally finished HMS Victory after two personal visits aboard at Portsmouth, reading Nelsons biography,  and they have rediscovered her true colors,  ( not the gaudy circus yellow but a much more genteel and civilized beige) .   So, now, re-energized, and looking for my next project, Ive fittingly, as a retired Yankee sailor, decided to take on our own USS  Constitution.   I have also visited her in Boston, and am equally aware that her decor, colors and even the configuration of her rigging has gone through as many changes as she has had Captains.  In those days it was their decision alone how each ship sailed, appeared and was fought (we had no Naval Bureau of Ships in those days)  So my approach to building and fitting  will be as one of her Captains, with an eye , of course to how she appears today, and what i have been able to gleen on my study of Naval Warfare and tactics of the past. .

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