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  1. On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 6:39 PM, PondPirate said:

    Well done, I am scratch building 1/24th scale "Californian" because I couldn't find a "kit" as beautiful as yours, what/where/who offers it?

    Hi Pond Pirate,

    The hull is really great....fiberglass from SC&H ship models.  Unfortunately, they quit the business and have already sold remaining kits, hulls and parts.

    I know of no one that supplies a similar hull.

    I also wish hulls were available...I am confident about building, rigging, etc, but not about my ability (or desire) to take on a hull.



  2. Nils,

    Thank you.

    The model is about 1.6m long on deck, and about 2.1m long with bowsprit.

    The lead keel is 18kg, and is removeable.  Overall sailing weight (lead keel + model) is 35.4kg.

    The yards are rotated by R/C.  The foresails, foremast yards, mainmast yards and spanker boom are on 4 separate servos.  The rudder is also R/C controlled.

    You can see more info at:


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