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  • No Flaming! Criticism must be constructive, well-meaning, and well-articulated. Please, no tantrums. Rants directed at any other contributor are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The same goes for profanity. The academic environment expects higher-order language.


  • Lastly, Remember: You Can't Un-Ring the Bell. Language is your only tool in an online environment. Be mindful. How others perceive you will be largely—as always—up to you. Once you've hit the send button, you've rung the bell.


  • Ensure you are posting a message in the most appropriate Forum Sub Category. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong place will be moved without prior contact and is the Forum Moderator’s job duty and right.
  • Do not exclusively use CAPITAL LETTERS! This is considered SHOUTING on a forum. Your keyboard has a ‘Caps Lock’; please turn it off when posting within the Forum or Chat room. This includes topic titles and message posts/replies.
  • Swearing is strictly forbidden. This also includes substituting letters with asterisks (“***). If in doubt, don’t use the word. Offending posts will be deleted and the offending member will be issued a first warning.
  • Keep all posts on-topic, this rule is flexible and diversity is welcomed, MSW reserves the right to remove/edit posts.
  • You must use clear and legible English at all times. Some leeway is given if English is not your first language but please remember that this is an English speaking website and English is the 1st choice of language for postings. Moderators may alter or delete posts that don't make sense because of poor spelling and/or grammar.


  • The Moderators’ decision is always final and NOT open for public discussion, however a Moderator will usually contact you via the board’s Private Message e-mail system to explain why a particular action has been taken, although this is not implicit.  Should you insist on airing any grievance publicly you will be issued a warning. Further public displays challenging a moderator will result in a banning.


  • The Moderators reserve the right to not notify a Member of their actions but you are encouraged to contact them if you feel aggrieved.  But never post it publicly or this could result in a warning point or even a ban.
  • No spamming is permitted! This includes anything in your signature. We reserve the right to remove posts, without warning or reason, if we deem the subject inappropriate or not within the best interest of the MSW Forum.
  • If you are posting a general question, then check that your question has not been answered before, use the search feature before posting. This also applies to news and information; you may be duplicating a thread that has previously been started. If this is the case then expect the new thread to be locked with a link posted to the original.
  • Members who use the MSW private message feature to contact other members to encourage them to join other forums, or to engage other members in argument, or to cause any type of discontent among or between members, shall lose their privilege to remain a member of MSW upon our receipt of a complaint from any member so contacted.
  • Choose an appropriate subject line for your “Topic Title” when starting a new thread. Think about this carefully; describe what you are about to post. Things like “In need of help” or “This is amazing” doesn’t really help a viewer of the Forum and decide if they want to spend the time opening and reading your post.
  • When in doubt please use common sense. Self-moderation is the best way to keep MSW a clean and tidy Message Board.



How the warning system works

  • If a member receives 3 official warnings then their posting rights will be removed and their account indefinitely suspended. In other words you may receive 2 official warnings and the third will instantly and automatically result in a ban. Under no circumstances will official warnings be removed or revoked; once one is issued it shall remain. Sometimes Moderators will deem it necessary to only issue a verbal warning, however if you ignore this and persist to break rules then further action will be taken and the verbal warning may count as an official warning, in addition to any further warning(s)
  • You can be banned for violating any of these rules if the Moderating staff makes that decision.  This is also true for any full member of the NRG and or sponsors violating them.
  • If you feel a post violates any of above rules, is offensive in any way, please bring this issue to the attention of the moderator by using the REPORT button (lower left hand corner of the post), don’t try to resolve the issue yourself.



General Information for MSW members

  • Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded and stored electronically for future reference and case disputes needs.
  • No topic bumping (adding a reply of no significance just to bump your topic back up to the top of the list or keep it on the first page of a forum)
  • No Double posting topics....still spamming but it may be on topic spamming.
  • No topics or posts on religion or politics or sexual in nature...all posts will be deleted immediately.
  • Material posted on MSW shall not be shared with other forums in any manner.  This includes but is not limited to the information being made visible to members of another forum or to the public on another forum or to the staff of another forum by any means.
  • Screen shots of material posted to MSW shall not be shared with other forums. This includes but is not limited to the information being made visible to members of another forum or to the public on another forum or to the staff of another forum by any means.
  • Do not publish your email address publicly or your phone number.  Do not post this information for any other members. 
  • Guidelines for selling in traders and dealers…see pinned topic in that forum
  • No one person shall have multiple accounts.   Should this occur, both accounts will be banned. 
  • No discrimination. Similar to flaming, but aimed towards an entire race, religion, gender, sexual orientation.  A serious offence that will lead to warning or possible banning.
  • No impersonation. Trying to be someone else. OR creating a second account to hide your identity to sell, promote or otherwise topic bump your first identity above others.  
  • Refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word or short nonsense posts.
  • Limit your signature to four lines of text or links.   No links to commercial sites with an exception for site sponsors.  Limit of one image no larger than 40 x 40 pixels.   Keep your signature clean and non religious or political.
  • Rules for posting build logs…please read the pinned topics in each of those forums for the appropriate guidelines.  Keep your build logs on topic and refrain from useless banter and chit-chat. It's not Facebook. Use the Shore Leave forum for that stuff.







  • If you don't own it, or you didn't take the photo yourself, then seek permission to post it. If you can't then don't post it! 
  • Please give the photo owner credit and post where you got the image from.If it has a watermark, don't post it unless you include a few words on how you have received permission to post it.  
  • If you spot a post that looks like a copyright was violated...please report the post so a moderator can take a look at it.
  • Please don’t copy and paste photos from other sites without doing your due diligence first.  Thank You very much in advance. Repeat offenders will be warned....additional warnings can result in the banning of the offender.  Additionally, using photos or text under the term “free use” still requires one to attribute the source and to respect the copyright owner’s wishes for materials not to  be used if they have stated here that they do not want their materials used.  These are not legal issues to be debated – they are the rules of the MSW Forum.  I hope this settles the issue.
  • All written work, drawings and photographs are considered copyrighted upon their creation and posting them on MSW does not constitute giving up ownership of the copyright. Again, no need for amateur or real lawyers - these are the rules here.  
  • Kits/Plans/Parts: If a company/individual is known to have pirated either plans or designs from another source in order to profit from the original author's work (in essence, STOLEN), then the use of those plans, kits or parts is prohibited on MSW. Promotion of those pirated plans and or kits and or companies that sell them is also prohibited, whether on MSW or anywhere else.  If you are building one of these pirated kits on another site, you will still lose your privileges here on MSW.
  • No links may be posted to sites that sell or promote pirated products unless approved by admin.  Thank You very much in advance. Repeat offenders will be warned, of have their MSW membership revoked.
  • If you are found to be building, buying, praising any pirated kit/company from the list of banned MFG's, or promoting the advancement of listed companies and individuals you will be promptly banned from MSW. Don't even bring it up!  If you have a different opinion about this, it is not one that we share and you can no longer be an MSW member.  Should anyone disagree with this please send a PM to an Admin (Chuck or Jim). There will be no public scrutiny or anything, but we will simply agree to part ways.We can remove you from this forum and all will be forgotten in short order.
  • These are the rules and viewpoint of MSW/NRG and we have every right to not allow anyone on the site who doesn't share our values and ethics towards pirating. You are more than welcome to do it elsewhere. So make a choice. Please respect the rules or you will lose your privileges in continuing as a member of MSW.  




 Here is the list of crooked ship model MFGs banned from MSW as mentioned above, in alphabetical order:


  • 4HModel
  • CF
  • CN
  • Crown
  • Dry Dock Models & Parts (selling for companies that pirate)
  • Huasong
  • Jacodean
  • JD Model
  • LHQK
  • Master
  • Moxing
  • RealTS
  • SC
  • Shi Cheng
  • Shi Hai
  • Snail Model
  • Unicorn Model
  • woodenkit (Russian manufacturer)
  • WN
  • XinFeng
  • YengFan
  • YQ (YuanQuing)
  • ZHL


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