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"Trata" Greek traditional fishing boat

"Trata" Greek traditional fishing boat
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Trata was a common type of rowing vessel, double-ended with a slender hull, used exclusively for fishing. It seems that the vessel took its name from the “trata” a type of drift net (dragnet) which had been common all over the Eastern Mediterranean.
It was a narrow rowing vessel but she was also carrying a removable short mast from which a lateen sail could be hoisted. There are also references to trata vessels with two lateen sails on two masts and a length of 12 m.
The distinctive feature was a wooden projection in front of the stem post.
For others this was used as a step for fishermen when they were jumping to the shore and for some others as a place where, who was handling the nets had to be stood. It was decked only on the bow and stern in order to provide space for the nets and for the tiller man. In the middle, the boat had benches equal in number to the pairs of oars used to propel it.
Trata was not easily converted into a motorboat and so was abandoned shortly after the Second World War.
Scale 1:20 / Length:66 cm / Width:15 cm


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