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Found 1 result

  1. The 1903 novel The Riddle of the Sands by Erskin Childers is considered by many a classic of the sea and "the first spy novel" to boot. The vessel used by the protagonists is the Dulcibella, a converted 30' lifeboat. The cover of the first edition shows a nice looking yawl. Periodically throughout the novel we learn details of the yacht but never a very full description. The novel is well written and a typical descriptive passage looks like this: .….."She seemed very small (in point of fact she was seven tons), something over thirty feet in length and nine in beam, a size very suitable to week-ends in the Solent, for such as liked that sort of thing; but that she should have come from Dover to the Baltic suggested a world of physical endeavour of which I had never dreamed."…. Poking around on the web one finds mention of this fictional craft fairly easily and one learns that the Dulcibella was modeled on Erskine Childers' own converted lifeboat yacht the Vixen. The best source of information on this vessel appears to be this web page: http://www.yalumba.co.uk/Framesets/Dulcibella.htm What I find really odd is that I have NEVER found a photo of a model of the Dulcibella. Surely someone has built one by now, the novel is much loved and has remained in print for over a century, there must have been thousands of readers. Two film adaptations were made too. I guess with world enough and time I will build my own?