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  1. So after my first failed attempt, I took a lot of patience and time and did the job correctly. I even considered a second layer of plankign to try to make it "perfect". The amount of help I received here was overwhelming (lots of PM's) You guys/girls are great. However, company came this past weekend from out of town and to make a long story short, the ship is destroyed. I was going to post some pics to show the progress but theres no point now. Unfortuantely, money is very tight at home so this ends my hobby for a while. Thank all of you for your great advice in the threads and I look forwards to coming back when times are not so tight.
  2. Thats actually who I have a current order with! They had a very good selection. Just no way to track anything and I have never ordered from the UK before. Do you remember how long it took them to get your order to you?
  3. Much appreciated! Once he is going again, ill definitely be ordering from him. Until then... guess I have to wait for long shipping days lol.
  4. I guess they are both out of Cincinatti and are a one man show. Ill go look for the banner. Thanks again
  5. Doreltomin, I do realized I butcherred my first attempt, badly. I have, since my first errors, used filler blocks to do the front of the ship and this planking attempt is going very well and looks 20 times better. I could probably get away without a second layer after sanding it once it is planked. Im just trying to be a perfectionist. I read all of the articles after i messed up the first time. Everything is beveled this time and it has made the project so much easier and the planking doesnt look like a 10 year old did it this time. Thats teh first time I saw the paper though and Ill definitely be looking over that. Thanks!
  6. Looks like Ill just have to wait until May!! lol http://www.hobbymillusa.com/announcements-and-sales.php
  7. I did that, and Im almost embarassed to post this but..... http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/5364-san-francisco-2-by-alzarius-artesania-latina-first-build-noob/?hl=alzarius The second time around (the "fixes") looks 10x better than this first attempt though. It looks nothing like it does now and Ill be updating it once I get it planked.
  8. Thanks again for another good reply!! Do you have any other suggestions than hobby mill? They look good but are quite a bit more expensive than the other place I ordered, and sadly, are closed this entire month! I am currently building http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/lat/lat22452.htm San Francisco 2
  9. No. Originally I did the planking without reading too much into it. I opened the kit and went with it. I did not do any beveling or any fairing. It looked HORRIBLE. So I ripped the planks off (CA Glue at that... messy... broke stuff). I then put in some fillers to help keep the shape and I am now planking and am a little more than halfway done. After I sand it, I think itll look nice, especially considering its my first real attempt. There are a few gaps in it, that I have tried to fill with very small shavings from the planks and it looks well and you cant see it unless you know where its at. However its still not "as perfect as I want it" and thats what I am trying to achieve. The planking is one of the biggest jobs of building these things so I just want it to look as nice as possible. And upon ripping planks off, I am now short planks to finish the first planking. I ordered some, from the UK and I am in Tennessee. I wanted to get it finished, sand it and get it smooth and symetrical, then add a thin layer over top of it to make it look ... well "perfect" even if I cant achieve that yet lol. I only have about 10 planks left and theres no status update on my others coming in.
  10. I messed things up bad at first, so I took it all off and started again. It looks MUCH better this time around but I do want it to look as perfect as possible. dgbot, I did look at hobby milll before but they do not have mahogany, and they are also closed for the entire month of feburary according to their website. I loved the site I found but its in the UK and is taking forever for my planks to get here. Not sure I can wait another month!!! (Yes, Im impatient lol) Thanks for the advice everyone, looks like I need to order some thin planks!!
  11. Yes, that helps a lot I am currently using 2mmx5mm so .5 would be as large as id like to go. Where do you order your planks? The only good place I found was in the UK and its taking forever for my replacement planks to get here.
  12. What do you use for the 2nd layer of planking to cover up the first planking mishaps? Do you use the planks again? Or do you use the decking, thinner planks? If you use the same planking strips twice, doesnt the size of 2 layers show? Thanks
  13. Looks like the planks will come off tomorrow and Ill re read the planking tutorials. Terminology was a problem the first time around, but looking over it, I think I realize what I need to do. (first step is slowing down) Thanks for the input demonborger
  14. While I was researching, I learned about beveling. Thats when I stopped immediately and came here. Im hoping to salvage it from here but if I need to remove the planks and start over, I will do so. When beveling, do I lay the plank against the edges and bevel it to where it lays smoothly against it?

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