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  1. New to plastic kit building so please be patient. Gluing two hull halves together, best to apply glue to both mating surfaces, let stand 20 secs or so, then clamp together? OR, clamp together, then apply glue to inside seam? General question - is it best to glue mating seam, or mating surfaces? Many thanks -
  2. I didn't wash those parts. I will wash my next batch. Is it customary to prime the parts while on the sprues?
  3. I have been practicing painting before my 'real' plastic ship model (1/98 Constitution). I bought some Krylon primer at the auto parts store. It seems very, very, runny. Is this typical? When I try to paint an item like a rudder, or plane wing, the primer runs on the flat surface as I am trying to get the thin edge. Does a primer coat need to be 100% coverage? Will a light dusting of the primer be adequate? If not, should i practice patience and put on two light dusting coats? Many thanks -
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