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  1. continued on over the weekend, didn't get as much time at the bench as i would of liked, once the poop deck is on i will give the entire model a really good final sand with some really fine grit paper then give it a wipe down to get rid of all the sawdust
  2. G'Day All Another update for those following along on my first build, started on the poop deck planking last night, did some dry fitting to see how it is all going to look and fixed the middle plank in dead center, looks like the boat may be slightly twisted...doesnt looks too bad i notice it thou hopefully it does not become a major issue later down the road for me, took a good 40 mins just to line this one plank up nice and center the rest should fit alot easier now, i pined it down im going to have to cut the pins on the first two they protrude into the below quarter deck area..starting to look like a ship im both excited and nervous to start the hull planking!
  3. G'Day, last night i started putting the supports in for the poop deck and planking on the bulkheads on the quarter deck, easy enough to cut out the notches for the poop deck supports into the frame and bulk head planking just with a knife and then to sand down the planking to an angle to suit the frames, i didnt nail these supports in just used super glue, i didnt want the poop deck nails to have a chance not to be able to nailed in leaving a horrible hole because of nails holding these beams. at this time I took off the aft block and re-glued it after dry fitting the planks for the deck of the poop deck to make it more of a gradual incline for the deck and to make sure it had a decent contact to the planks for when it comes to gluing. also i found the middle support beam was lower then the front one so the deck will have a strange curve, i think this is a mistake and i will sand down the front beam a little so i can get contact with the beams for the deck gluing. The wife decided to come out and spend time with me or to annoy me one of the two.. but she brought beer how could i say no? until next time qwertyninja85
  4. Hi there im new and ive started my first build log on here of my first ship i have decided to tackle. looking forward to interacting with you all and learning. regards qwertyninja85
  5. G'Day all, I started this kit a nearly 7 years ago and it got mothballed until now, i've looked around and i can not find too many builds on this model so i thought i would start my own, it is also my first build so we can learn together and you from the mistakes i make. ive never made a log before so im sure it will get better as i go along. so i had already started putting the frames into the false keel, added the aft and bow blocks and planked the both of them and completed it right up to planking the 2nd gun deck 7 years ago cue 2018 and where we are starting again is step 17 planking for forecastle and quarter deck. this step was relatively easy laying the planks gluing them and nailing them into place, take your time getting the center plank straight it will affect the all the planks if this one is not straight. i didnt like the look of the nails being brass so i sanded over them and doing so made them more flush with the planks all round better imo remember to predrill your holes makes life alot easier i used a little hand drill to do this, i took alot of time sanding the decks and to get the shape in line with the frames of the sides to get the couture right and ALOT of time to get the planks level with each other on the decks, the variance of the planks sizes is massive and took alot to get them right, also the colour difference is quite varied but it will add to the models uniqueness i reckon and not make it look like just another mass production kit where they all look the same, i also noticed i had been using the wrong size planks to glue vertically on the bulkhead, they where meant to be 2mm thick, but due to the massive variances i thought the 1.7mm planks where the 2mm...i was wrong the 2mm ones are 2.3mm but at this stage looking forward i doubt it will make any difference what so ever. i will just be a tad more cautious moving forward, i hope your kit has a better QA then mine. silly me 7 years ago...i just hope 7 year old younger me has not made too many more mistakes but its apart of learning and nothing i shouldnt be able to fix with the advice on this site and some ingenuity. the model is in pretty good condition for being in storage for 7 years there is only one bit of damage and its the corner of the false keel frame, im sure i will be able to fix this later on, im not worried. well the build will continue tonight ill take some more photos and upload. any comments or critiques please comment below i want to learn Hooroo for now. Qweryninja85

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