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  1. The st janskerke on display at the Tualatin , Oregon library for the next too weeks.
  2. The drawing I found on the internet, is the second picture at the beginning of this thread. Yes- it is a very poor print. First-I copied the horizontal distance from cannon port to cannon port on the Revell plastic kit. Then compared the vertical distance from gun deck to gun deck, and this was a good match to the Revell 1/96 USS Constitution plastic kit. I have not measured my model at the water line yet, I'll get back to you on that.
  3. I believe it is the ship Disnie's Black Pearl is based on, and I have the Revell kit, in hopes of displaying them side by side at some point. And yes--I really build in the drivers seat of a Dodge Caravan ( I have no where else I can build )
  4. Yes--I have den told that several times. I have recently discovered that my track phone has 3 camera settings, and that I have had it set on the lowest one. Once I have this thread up to date with all the old pictures, I will take new pictures with one of the 2 other settings and see if this helps.
  5. 1/96th. scale 1733-36 gun- armed Dutch merchant ship Hof van St Janskerke build thred.
  6. I have some research to due before I can start all over agen.  If you need to delete what I did because I did it rong, go ahead. This will take some time.

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