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  1. I'd definitely be interested in the bibliography. It really is amazing the differences in designs from region to region, and the amount of Inuit culture wrapped up in each of them. Over the past few days, I've been able to complete the qajaq's frame. First step was to cut and add stem and stern boards. With the ends in place, I added the keelson and chines. Since these can be seen through the cockpit, I opted to tack them in place with glue at the ends, then used a needle and thread to lash them into place as they would be in the full scale construction. Tan thread made a
  2. Thanks all for the welcome! I've gone ahead and started a build log for the qajaq that I'm working on. Thanks for the interest! https://modelshipworld.com/topic/22133-greenland-qajaq-by-elroy-davis-small-scale-112-skin-on-frame-construction/ -Elroy
  3. Roughly 10 years ago, I asked my wife if I could get a kayak to do some paddling on some of the local ponds. In an effort to dissuade me from picking up yet *another* hobby, she said "If you can build a kayak, you can have a kayak." Being the stubborn type, I spent the summer building a kayak using my great-grandfather's hand saw, a dollar-store plane, and an electric drill. Somewhere I had come across instructions for building a traditional style "qajaq," (the traditional Inuit spelling). Once built, my daughter decided that she wanted one, so she and I spent the next summer building
  4. New member from the state of Vermont in the U.S. As a native Vermonter, raised on a mountainside, I haven't spent a lot of time around ships. As a history buff, though, over the years I've become interested in the ships and small craft that plied Lake Champlain during the American Revolution. I've started (and stalled) models of the Philadelphia a few times, and tried my hand at a small bateau a couple of years ago, but never finished. Recently I built a couple of very small 1:300 scale papercraft kits from War Artisan. One of the American ship Enterprise, and one of the HMS Inflexible, b
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