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  1. I'm interest in your CNC Router and there are plenty of those on Amazone. So to get that frame contour I presume you needed a CAD software then transfer the data (Cartesian point) to another software or directly on the CNC Router. Could expand a little bit more. Would greatly appreciated.


    Robert (Jauber). 

    By the way, your work is tremendous. Wish I could achieve that level of skill.

    1. marsalv


      Hi Robert,

      for the CNC router work you need three diferent software. First one is CAD software (I´m using TurboCad). The second one is Cut2D (transfer to this software is made through dxf files from TurboCad). This software prepare data for milling that uses the third software - MACH3. MACH3 software controls directly CNC router.



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