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  1. Hello again, Tom, My name is Paul, by the way, and my friends call me Saint, my friend. --Looking at your pictures, above, I can already see that your boat is going to finish up amazingly well! Much better than mine, I'm afraid. --Next for me is installing the cockpit seats. Yours look awesome! Just in pencil, for now, I have my seat's boards drawn at 1/8" wide which would be 3" in the real world (I think). I'll try some different looks before I decide on one. In the end I'll likely stick with 6" (real world) boards as per plan like you did. -- I've added a very small radi
  2. PS. There's a short video on YouTube about this model and shows one completed. The builder and maker of the video, Dead Man Hiking, did a remarkable job imo and made some changes. One of them is he added grab rails to the cabin top that look AWESOME!!! I'm definitely going to try to fabricate my own. Shouldn't be too difficult. And paint them a dark wood (teak) color as well as the cabin hatch and slides and the toe rails. Make them stand out a bit. Another thing I'm going to look into is the possibility of two port lights/holes on each side instead of only one. I think the extras might gi
  3. Mr. Dear "tdimock", I was given your screen name and this site name by the wonderful lady who answers the phone at BlueJacket.com. I'll be starting my 1/2" scale model of the Friendship Sloop in a few days and I thank you for documenting your progress here. I expect I'll learn a LOT from you so thanks again in advance. It'll be my second wooden ship model but the first using plank on bulkhead construction. It's probably unreasonable for me to expect my finished hull to show the distinction of each plank/strake but that is my intention. We'll see... Anything specific you can pass al
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