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  1. Hi Dan,


    Great to come across another Bounty builder, yours is looking great. Your colour scheme is the closest I have ever seen to what I chose, I like bright colours as well and am sure that Bligh would have used them if he had them.


    I'm about two thirds of the way through the running rigging, having lots of fun.


    The rig is a bit of a hybrid, the pin racks were installed fairly early on as described with the Amati kit but the further on I got the more I found the Amati rigging descriptions dubious so I have found another couple of sources of info, Mackay's Anatomy of the Ship where the rig is shown in mind blowing detail but is so small as to be almost invisible in places, and Lennarth Petterson's book which describes the rig of a frigate of the same period but shows each line very clearly.


    The Bounty rig looks like a scaled down frigate rig designed for a smaller crew so I am doing a bit of adapting. 


    At the end of the day I'm hoping it  will all look reasonably convincing but I don't think it will fool and educated eye.





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