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Translation problem: "frames"

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I'm working on attaching blocks to the decks and spars of my Bounty build and cannot figure out how to distinguish when a double block is used as opposed to a single.  When comparing the plans, photos, parts list and instructions that came with this A.L. kit, it becomes even more confusing.  Part of the confusion may stem from translating from Spanish to English.  So here's my question:  Part #331 is shown in English to be "frames,"  when clearly in photos and plans it is some type of block; whether double or single is still at issue.  I looked up the word "frame" in a very old and very very complete Oxford dictionary and found one definition to be, "a structure constructed of parts fitted together."  I wonder if it is possible that this implies that Part 331 is a double block.  I am not yet good enough to follow the rigging plans to see what will run through these blocks surrounding the masts on the deck, so making sure I get it right beforehand is tricky.  Assuming that a crewman would haul down on the bitter end of the line (before belaying it) and not be pulling up on the line from the deck block, it would then mean (I think) that the line would start at a becket on another double block above.  Or it could start above on a deadeye.  Either way, if its a double down below, it would have to be a double above and the line would start above in order to be hauled downward at the line's end.  Most important for the moment though is if these blocks at the mast are double.

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I'm sorry...the part I was referring to was not 331 but part 417.  And the confusion comes because in a photo part 417 is clearly a double block.  But in another photo parts 331 are also clearly double blocks.  Since the kit supplied only one size of double blocks, I can't figure whether to use a double when 331 is indicated or when 417 is indicated.  Maybe they are both double blocks but different sizes and they all got mixed into the same compartment and I can't distinguish between them?  The parts list does list 417 as a "frame" but I am now convinced that is simply a mistake not a translation issue.  As long as a double block is correct to use for all those blocks around the masts, then I don't really care if its a 331 or a 417.  I just don't want to fix a single block down there only to find I needed doubles.  In total there are 26 of these around the 3 masts.

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