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RMS Empress of Canada masts and rigging

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I am trying to repair a model of RMS Empress of Canada (the one which was sunk by the Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci in 1943). It was built by my Grandfather who worked in Fairfields shipyard in the 1920s and 30s and from what I can tell is around 1:350 scale (being 21 inches long) and she is missing her masts and all the rigging, so I am keen to get an idea of how this was assembled.

I do have copies of the original deck plans but the only elevation I have only shows a rough indication of the mast and they are cut off very short rather than the 125 ft or so they appear from scaling on the photos.

In the few photos I have found of the real ship online, the masts seem to be a single long piece rather than having any kind of step in them. Would anyone be able to tell me if they should be stepped or not?

Here is the best picture I have found:- https://c2.staticflickr.com/5/4086/4980615913_dffcd1f845_b.jpg

I am not an expert on ships so would appreciate any tips on where to look for close ups of things like the connections between the masts and derricks (booms?) that she obviously has in the picture.


Thanks in advance,


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