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I’d be very interested to hear the opinion of more experienced modelers regarding the use of walnut for hull planking. I know from looking at the scratch build logs that many modelers prefer Swiss pear or boxwood. My next project calls for a largely black hull with a yellow wale/channel. I prefer natural wood finishes and I don’t want to dye or paint the hull. I know that most modelers stay away from ebony because it is too difficult to work.


How about a nice even, dark, walnut? How does it bend? I haven’t seen anyone plank their hull with walnut and I wonder if there is a specific reason for this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I think its petty standard for some ship models to supply walnut as a second layer of planking.



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In my experience, walnut varies greatly in color from supplier to supplier, and even between shipments from the same supplier.  It can be difficult to match, so you may want to get all you need up front, at the same time.


It bends okay, but it doesn't hold an edge nearly as well as Swiss pear.  I personally prefer pear.





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