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Question for Dirk on 'krick Alert'


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Hi Dirk, If you read this I would like to build the Alert from Krick. The best example I could find on the forum of a completed build for this boat is yours. I can not rise to your level of skill at present but I would like to use your log as one of my references. Your work allows me to realize what can be done to significantly improve the quality, sifistication and appearance of a model.


In the beginning I decided to start with three simple boats from Midwest and one from Buejacket, a lap strake fishing dory. These were great introductions to the basic skills, concepts and tools used in the hobby. Next, I built the Lady Nelson with the aid of a video practicum from Bob Hunt. I followed this with the AVS using a written practicum also from Bob Hunt. With these builds I was able to acquire some more advanced knowledge and skill as well as more simple tools. After this I built a series of kits that I felt stayed within the realm of a relative beginner but added a few new challenges. These included Swift, Le Renard, Principe de Asturias life boat and the Dos Amigos.


My question is, is there a way for me to view the written log for the Alert build to go along with the pictures that are still on the forum? Does this part of the build record still exist? I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to read your comments and the surrounding discussion for the build. 


Many thanks for your help,


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