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Hello everyone, and fellow model builders. I am new to this format so bear with me. I am building the 1/48 scale model of the HMS Bounty and have a question about installing the waterways on the stern portion of the main deck. The instructions call for a 1.5 mm by 3mm by 700 mm piece of sapelia strip wood to be placed (adhered)  outside The Notches for the sternpost s from midship to stern. Then, to magically insert the sternpost vertically unsupported in preparation to support the upper Strakes of the gunwall. The photographs in the instructions numbered 34 + 35 show this happening beautifully. But in reality I don't see how this is going to work since on the outside of the notches there is no place to attach the Waterway even with the first Maine rail plank being installed. In photograph 35 Latina instructs then another piece of 1.5 mm strip go in between the vertical posts but they do not specify weather it is one continuous drip or cut into pieces to fit in between the vertical posts? My question is, who else has built this kit and figure it out exactly how this is done? Thanks need help.

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