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HMS Prince by Mamoli - moved by Moderator


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Hello to all


Not that "i need" to buy another kit and stash away for the post nuclear era but ....


Anyone has any reviews or opinions or both on the HMS Prince by Mamoli.


She looks very nice, but the scale seems a bit small, so I was wondering if anyone had any inputs.





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She reminds me a lot of the old Aeropiccola kit (which is not a bad thing).  I have both... which probably says I need to get some help!  The scale is definitely different, but the smaller product is an advantage for me, since space is getting to a premium.  My kit came with totally unsatisfactory castings - somewhat crude and badly warped.  I should probably see about getting them replaced, though I might just combine my two kits and do some bashing instead.  I have it on the shelf, and can look at it again if you wish.

Current builds: Santa Maria (multi-kit bash), Constellation (AL)

Past builds: Beagle, Thermopylae (restoration), Blue Shadow, Wappen von Hamburg, Half Moon, America, Golden Hind

Ships in bottles (some): Marco Polo, viking ship, Prince

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