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Dimensions for Fixed Blocks for Braces, etc.

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For my Rattlesnake kit (1:64 c.1780 ship-rigged privateer), I'm considering if it's feasible to make single blocks inset into the bulwarks to replace making "...4 slots on the bulwark with a 1.5 mm drill,...."


What should the dimensions reasonably be for single fixed blocks, full-scale or converted to 1:64? (Hoping to look better than making some little gashes in the wood...........)





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Steel gives a dimension for the sheaves of the blocks as 5 times the rope diameter. I got this from The Elements and Practice of Rigging And Seamanship, page 153. You can find it online at http://www.hnsa.org/doc/steel/. I didn't check but I assume that applies to fixed blocks also. He also has rules for the other parts of the block. You should be able to use this to figure out what you need. Hope this helps.



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Thanks Hoss, I'll check it out. I have Steel's "The Art of Rigging..." as a pdf file. I see that "Elements and Practice..." must be a different publication of his.


( I wonder if this should've been posted under "Masting, rigging, and sails")



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