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Help needed A/L Viking Ship - moved by moderator

The Motley Man

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A neighbour has kindly given me the Artesania Latina Viking Ship model (found in her late fathers attic) everything is there apart from the photo booklet.


I was wondering if anyone has a copy they could send to me, I can scan the pictures and return the booklet, or if anyone could e-mail a scanned copy.


I would be very grateful for any help with this, as I plan to build the kit and give the completed model to my neighbour.

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You are in luck - I just rummaged through my modelling room and came across the photo booklet. It's not a booklet, it is a large colour printed sheet with photos on it. I can either email you the photos, or snail mail them to you. I don't need the instructions returned, you can have it. 

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Hi, Glad to see someone else tackle this lovely little ship. It was my first wooden build and I really enjoyed it. I was trying to find the booklet when I saw someone had emailed you a copy, anyway heres a pic of how I finished her, I left off certain parts that seemed too clunky for such a small model.


Hope to see your build on here soon. Lee






Turned on photo sharing on Facebook... Didn't realise it was on private

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