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Constructo Shipyard kit

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Cruising the internet, I found a Constructo kit based on a 19th century shipbuilding shop kit, more like a diorama.  Anyone ever seen a build of this out there, maybe on MSW 1.0? I asked Constructo if they still made it and they said no, thinking outside of the US there might be some for sale?  Or else this maybe would be a fun scratch kit.



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Saw the kit for sale last week at a local shop for $99. Haven't seen one built, but I think it would look great in a shadow box. Beyond a few completed photos and a kit on eBay, I couldn't find much info online. 


This site shows great photos of the kit as well as a comprehensive history which is copied from the kit's manual. http://www.lacornamusa.com/blog/?p=73


Let us know if you proceed with this build!


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