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HELP with painting problem (edited by admin)

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I am painting the creole queen boat,

i use a primer first and after tamiya paint.


First problem,the primer made a powder  on the wood,(notice after the first coat of paint)

and after two can of paint the white color still not covering the wall and some mark done for the build.


I need help for a solution for a GOOD paint and how to apply it.(i dont have spray gun)


I will clean the mess made by the primer and may be send all the boat.


God help me.

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After you clean the primer and etc. off and give it all a sanding, first put on a coat or two of sealer. From there, give the 1st post in this thread a read--Alistair gives some excellent advice on hand painting, the rest of the thread has good info. also: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/6168-how-to-hand-paint-larger-areas-of-a-model/?hl=painting


Hope that info. is what you were looking for.




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