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After finishing the book "Six Frigates" my thirst for knowledge on sailing ships of old increased. So I dug out a book I found in the Barnes and Nobles bargain bin some years ago called "Life Before the Mast, Sailors' eyewitness accounts from the age of fighting ship" -Castle Books, edited by Jon E Lewis- and immediately dove in. Recently finished it and really enjoyed reading actual accounts from the folk who served on those vessels, from officer logs to accounts from ordinary ship hands. The appendix sections of the book has alot of info on ships and are a good source for reference.
I particularly enjoyed Ned Myers account of "The War on the Lakes", pg 349.

Anyways, after finishing that great book my thirst then took me to the local libraries for any related materials and found that books on age of sail take up less space on the shelves than books on plumbing and pottery.
I did manage to find the book "Half Moon" "Henry Hudson and the voyage that redrew the map of the New World" By Douglas Hunter, Bloomsbury Press, 2009.
Just started reading it. Looks like a great ride, 15 pages in.
Anyone here read any of these books? And can anyone recommend similar books?

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