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Help needed for deck planking Conny MS 2040

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I have began planking the deck for my Conny, and I'm a bit confused about "tapering" the planks at the stern? Any help or visuals would be appreciated. I seem to excel once I "see" exactly what needs to happen. Thanks!

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In this kit the stern of the Connie is narrower than the beam (width) at its widest. Keeping in mid you want to have the same number of planks at both widest beam and the stern. It stands to reason that the width of the aft planks has to be reduced. Starting where the beam of the ship begins to narrow, you sand the width of the planks a little. You can get an exact measurement of the width needed by dividing the width of the area to be planked at the stern by the number of planks needed at the widest beam.


For example: the widest beam is 6" and it takes 48 planks 1/8" wide

                      the stern is 4" and it takes 48 planks 2/3 the width of a plank at the 6" beam (4/6)

                      so, the planks at the rear are 2/3 the width of the planks at the widest beam 2/3 of 1/8 is 1/12.

That's the math of the subject. 1/12 is not a nice number.


Let's do this another way. The eye is a pretty good measuring device. Take a plank and at the very back, mark the surface into 1/3 and 2/3. Draw a line from where  the beam starts to narrow to the end and sand off the 1/3 side. You will have to adjust as you go along as you get toward the last planks. Begin with the center plank and work outwards to the bulworks. Lay one  plank on either side as you go, eyeballing the space left to guide you. It's easier than it sounds.


I hope this helps.

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