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RANGER - Revenue Cutter - by Corel


RANGER - Revenue Cutter - by Corel
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A small cute kit, inspired to a revenue cutter of the first half of the XIX century.



Nice model, but there was never a U. S. Revenue Cutter Ranger. 

Some authors claim there was but there was not.   I am not sure which cutter design on which this one was created.   If in the "first half of the 19th century" there would be no pivot gun.   The cutter Dallas I (1815 - 1821) is most oft used and the original plan was for a pivot gun, but the gun took up too much deck space and was scrapped.   Also, the entire hull would be painted black with a white stripe along the "wales."

I believe this model is also attributed to the cutter Alert.

Anyone working on U. S. revenue cutters and desires historical information please feel free to contact me. 

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I just happen to be working on this very ship, completing the final steps on the deck before "tackling" the masts and rigging.


This is my first wood model ship, and it was quite the relief when I found these pictures. They'll go a long way in helping me to understand how the rigging should be done.

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