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  1. Glakie, Just to clarify. I came over on the boat from Ireland as a young lad. I'm a full fledged, certified, yankee doodle dandy and Nam Vet. Also, I swim the Great Lakes as, if I may assume from your username, you may do so as well. David B. I started out with the Midwest dingy build. Now I'm about to embark upon the Sharpie Schooner. My long term goal is to become talented enough to build the Blue Nose for my son. Himself and I were fortunate to actually go aboard the Canadian replica of the orginal. I have an Irish pub band and been singing the praises of this rum runner for years. To all, thanks for the welcome. The day may come when I'll aquire a bit of salt in this pursuit. I will most certainly pass forward your generoustity to new members.
  2. I'm an avid sailer and own a 32 foot Morgan sloop. Unfortunately, in this latitude, I have to put ma'lady up on the hard in the winter months. After well over fifty years working, I'm finally retired and have the time to indulge in one of my bucket list goals; wooden model ship building. I've been scanning this site and marvel at the wonder of it. Truly, this is a capital forum for learning. I'd like to thank the powers that be who made this possible and the good natured folks who respond, helping guppies like myself, with sorely needed advice. Slainte (In the Irish for a health to you all)
  3. Thank you gentlemen. Your oppinion is valuable. I appreciate it.
  4. Thank you sir. My plan is to research this hobbie and hopefully invest in needed supplies intelligently You;ve given me a step up in knowledge.
  5. Was wondering if this, as advertised, Fair-A-Frame Building Jig is worth the investment. Anyone have some experience with this, if so, may I have your opinion on the matter? Thanks Hmmm, this photo leaves much to be desired. New to this forum, much to learn......
  6. jhearl, Thank you sir. No doubt, I will thank you many times mentally during my experience building Bluenose ii...