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  1. I hope you can get to a hobby shop. I have some 3-ply "lite" that I picked up at the hobby shop and it's darn close to what you need so hopefully, you'll find some. Pity that I'm so far away, but CDW might get it to you faster.
  2. Welcome to MSW, Bob. Nice part of California from the times I've passed through it.
  3. Hate to say it, Johnny, they lied. I to saw her in the '70's and bought their story. The original wasn't repaired, the original was broken up. To deal with funding, they used 4 timbers from the original and built up the new one using a completely different set of plans. The the 1854 ship only has a bare passing to the original as the stern was changed completely, the length and width were changed. The model was designed back in the 70's using what sat in Baltimore harbor at the time and as their model for the model. In that, the model is right... it matched what had been done
  4. A blind man headed to Texas for his vacation. Upon arriving at the hotel, he felt a large breeze in the lobby. He said," Wow!" and heard his voice echo. He then said," Wow, this lobby is so big!" A passing bellhop replied," Everything is bigger in Texas." After checking in, another bellhop helped him to his room. The blind man sat down on his bed, felt how big it was, and said," Wow, this bed is so big!" The bellhop told him," Everything is bigger in Texas." After he set all of his belongings down, he went downstairs to the bar and ordered a beer. When he touched the hu
  5. I'm late to the party also... normal for me. Your setup and first parts are looking good. This was my first scratch so I'll follow along to see how it goes.
  6. We're all seeing that variation of deliveries. All I can say is: "Patience grasshopper." followed by "All things in their own time." Yes it's frustrating. Even delivery of mailed envelopes (bills and payments) are not "normal"... for some value of "normal". Back when I did my helicopter build, I needed two deliveries from Europe... one took about a week, the other was closer to two months.
  7. Finally seeing snow here in the valley. Not sticking yet, but the flakes are getting bigger and temp is dropping a bit. Makes for a very peaceful scene out the window and if I go out on the balcony, it's very quiet compared to the normal noises.
  8. Do a search here on MSW using "focus stacking" as the key word. We've had quite a bit of discussion on this. There's also been discussion in few build logs which is why I suggest a search here.
  9. I agree with Bob on Chuck's method. Not messy. No fussing. I dip the plank for a few seconds in water (improve heat conduction) and then clamp it to board in shape I need. About 30 seconds or maybe a minute with a heat gun and the water is gone. Let it cool still clamped and the plank is ready to be installed.
  10. Welcome to MSW. We've all been in that same boat, so to speak which is why MSW is such good thing to have in your tool box. Do start a log on which ever model you decide upon.
  11. I do tend to agree with this statement. The one catch here is that researchers have discovered the colors used in the Vasa, especially the carvings and they are full of life and not the mono-color that many build. Sadly, it's only been in recent years that the colors have been discovered and very few, if any, of the kit makers have upgraded their instructions.
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