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  1. Looking good, OC. As for the admiral's comment.. will you take her up on that?
  2. Alan, sometimes that's the best thing to do. As for your kit, open a log in the kit area.
  3. I like it also. Usually, cut outs I've seen are rather irregular but with yours I think the paint sets it off so a viewer won't think it's part of the hull. Can you post a photo from side?
  4. Seems like Oz is full of dangerous critters and all are out to kill humans. But I'm taking that from what I read here. We have our share of them also. So much for talking about politicians... the animals are nasty also.
  5. Exactly John. That got to me too. Maybe the "funny" icon I hit for it, wasn't appropriate.....
  6. That sounds about right given the way things have been of late, John. I think the world has gone off its collective rocker.
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