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  1. That is the best news I've heard in awhile, OC. Suppliers like yours are treasures.
  2. This seems to be me of late.....
  3. Welcome to MSW, Johan. For a first model, pick on without sails. You might start by reading this topic...
  4. What Bob said would work well. I use a piece of double sided tape that's bigger than the insert so it's uniform all around.
  5. I'm glad you got it sorted, EG. Real life does present challenges to model building and vice versa and the friends we make here are good for us. See you in the build logs.
  6. He may have warned the shipping department/company when he dropped it off, but no one talks to the drivers. Too many drivers just don't really care as they just want to get the truck empty and go home.
  7. The question seems to be "when was the plane "bombed" up?". Did they do it on the flight deck at that point or was it done on the hanger deck?
  8. Welcome to MSW, David. If you'll go here this sub forum https://modelshipworld.com/forum/133-kit-build-logs-for-subjects-built-from-1501-1750/ and use the search function, you'll get hits on the logs. You will probably need to do two searches, one for Wasa and the other for Vasa. Those logs will give you a good idea of what's involved as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the kits. In the past, the Billings kit was considered the most accurate but I've heard that kit mentioned above is excellent as the Billings kit instructions were, shall we say, a bit sparse. And from wh
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