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  1. I've been following along quietly but I have a question. If you keep building and adding deck furniture, how you going to plank her? Planking involves a lot of moving the hull around and then sanding which may knock a lot your wonderful loose. You are doing a great job with everything, I'm concerned about it being torn off or broken during the planking process.
  2. This is a feast for eyes, Gaetan. Both the work and photography are stunning.
  3. NO! It isn't. I hope you were making a joke.
  4. Beyond brave men. I remember spending a week in college history on this battle. Not sure why but the professor was "old" navy. He never said other than discussing the history behind the battle and the battle itself but it wasn't, shall we say, from a personal point of view. Some of us students did wonder if either he or his brother might have been in it. We ran into a lot of that back in high school and college. If you don't have the book, have a read for background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_off_Samar
  5. You owe me a keyboard and a monitor for that one, Eric. I guess that will teach me not to read and drink coffee at the same time.
  6. Are you looking for information on how to restore them or are you looking for someone to do the restoration?
  7. Brian, Here's link on why it's called the Texas deck. Strange but apparently true. Google tells us nothing on why the Hurricane deck is the called that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_(steamboat)
  8. There's different methods as builders use all kinds of woods. Some use basswood and some fill in the area with a mix of basswood, balsa, and even plywood. (I'm using the plywood and basswood myself on newest model). Then there's those that "paint" the filler blocks with white glue, white glue and water mixed to stiffen the surface for planking. For sanding... what Lou said.
  9. Dave, Do give some thought to a build log. You get some help and also help others who wish to build her.
  10. Can you find 4-bladed props? It would take some surgery to turn them into 2-bladed.
  11. Dave, You did see this topic? There's lots of good music out there.
  12. Well, this opening volley for my Belle Poule build. It's rough and I'm needing to rework bulkheads but it's a start. The rework will happen when the supplier sends more ply.
  13. Open a new topic, Sue. It'll get more attention than your post here in a different topic. I'd say list them in the post, maybe ask a nominal amount that's negotiable (if you fell like negotiating).

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