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  1. Wow, great response to my question! I am defiantly rethinking my preconcieved notions on glue. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  3. I am starting this hobby again after a false start 25 years ago. I would really like to get an understanding on what glues are used. I know that CA seems to be the primary glue used or is it? I see that CA comes in Super Thin all the way to Extra Thick. Can someone shed some light on how these differnt viscosities are used? Thanks Scott
  4. I tried model ship building 25 years ago and at the time wasnt able to really devote the needed time. Now that my kids are grown, my head is in a better place. I had a Harvey kit, not sure the manufacturer, but it was ruined by water. I am expecting a new kit to arrive, Model Shipways Mayflower. I am really looking forward to starting this hobby again. Thanks Scott Leland