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  1. I appreciate your response. It is pretty amazing to be able to get help from the designer of the kit! Thanks
  2. I tried ship modeling about 25 years ago. I didn't get too far in that "Harvey" kit, too many distractions. The kit was eventually damaged by water. With fewer distractions in my life, I am ready to try this again. So I am starting out as a total newb. The first thing I set out to do was setup an area to work in. Luckily I have an unused room on my house that I can devote to this. Mayflower Kit and contents: All the parts appeared to be there and I removed the bulkhead parts and the keel. First adding the rabbit strip and tapering to the bearding line. The next step was to fit the bulkheads to the false keel. And that is where this kit started to disappoint me. All the slots in the bulkheads and the false keel where all undersize. Those parts were not going to go together without a lot of extra work. All the slots had to be enlarged. I wouldn't think that these laser cut parts would have that problem. Maybe the wood has expanded? I don't know. But after shaving the sides of each slot and filing, I was able to get all the bulkheads glued in. I did notice afterwards that the false keel has a slight bow in it. I am hoping that I can glue it straight when I put in the gun port frame. Thanks for watching. Scott Leland
  3. Wow, great response to my question! I am defiantly rethinking my preconcieved notions on glue. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  5. I am starting this hobby again after a false start 25 years ago. I would really like to get an understanding on what glues are used. I know that CA seems to be the primary glue used or is it? I see that CA comes in Super Thin all the way to Extra Thick. Can someone shed some light on how these differnt viscosities are used? Thanks Scott
  6. I tried model ship building 25 years ago and at the time wasnt able to really devote the needed time. Now that my kids are grown, my head is in a better place. I had a Harvey kit, not sure the manufacturer, but it was ruined by water. I am expecting a new kit to arrive, Model Shipways Mayflower. I am really looking forward to starting this hobby again. Thanks Scott Leland