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  1. @Thistle17 I take to slow. Study how others do it. Be patience. Try my best. Don't be in a rush. Take my time and have fun. Sometime I have to for Leo to come out with a video for details before proceeding.
  2. Added mounting holes and alignment pins to secure metal keel to base. I am also marking out the location of the FRAMES and 1/2 FRAMES (one in between STATIONS FRAMES (red). Trying to locate the rest of the bolts so that they do not interfere with the FRAMES.
  3. If you look back through the photos, you will see how I thread 1/16" rods. I use a mini-lathe to hold the rod, and a custom jig to hold the 0-80 die. Nice and square and repeatable. FYI: I used to make cabinets and fine furniture. Those skills help in this project.
  4. Real LIVE OAK piece from the Tally Ho build that I am going to use in my build. The piece with the knot missing is WHITE OAK. Straighter grain than the LIVE OAK.
  5. Built a alignment jig with a gantry. Makes it possible to align the STATIONS and WATERLINES on different parts in the build.
  6. I could, but that would be cheating. 😁 No one but me would know.
  7. I have been buying from Micro-Mark. I am using 1/16" brass rods for the bolts and threading 0-80 on the ends. I will look at the link above and see what they have. Thanks
  8. Just I few more progress photos. Added the prop shaft. Harder than I thought to drill a straight line through Purple Heart hard wood. Long small drills like to drift a lot. Tiny bolts. Question for everyone. Looking for a better source for mini hardware. These are costing $1.80 for each nut and washer + shipping, not including the bolt itself, or about $4 a bolt (2 nuts, 2 washers & bolt). Thanks for any help. Have already got though 25, and have lots more to add.
  9. There are lots of hidden in plain sight easter eggs. Pancho, the forklift, tribute to Arabella.
  10. Have not given up. Just busy with life. I still work full time to support myself.
  11. So like other, I have been watching the rebuilding of the Tally Ho yacht by Leo of Sampson Boat Co. in Sequim OR. Looking for a new challenge, I thought of scratch building one as he his restoring the original one. Adding his changes into my design. So contracted ASA (Albert Strange Associates) in the UK, and purchased a set of plans. I have built many kits over the years, but never scratch built one. So this is going to be an adventure in skills and learning. I welcome all comments and ideas. I forgot about this site, so I am going to upload my progress so far. I am taking liberties
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