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  1. It is a liquid polish that acts as a sort of varnish. Once set it is quite hard. As terry says it is widely used by aircraft modellers. I use it myself. It is vEry good at protecting the clear parts for CA fogging. Personally I use a paint range that has a high gloss factor that means that I don't use it for decals. In the UK the formula and name changed much to the consternation of the modelling community as it no longer did what it used to! I have heard of people buying it to stockpile And to actually answer your question once dry decals will readily stick to it. I guess you could paint over it but most use it as a varnish so it is a final coat
  2. Hi Glad to read that you are getting some building done. You might want to consider lining the gun ports to get them square and all the same size. I like the painted brass - I left mine as is but wished I had practiced painting ahead of the stern of the Granado Keep the pictures coming
  3. Hi Julian That's a good question on the cannon. I decided not to glue down the carriages under the forecastle but rely on the various tackles and the breaching rope. Not a good idea as they are a bit wobbly (good technical term that). Happy that they cannot really be seen. Like you I am skipping ahead and building up other parts first as I reckon the cannon will go in pretty easily before moving to the masts. As to what to use to attach them I think I might just use wood glue as CA is so very unforgiving. Would be interested in Timmo's views
  4. Hi Julian, It's been a bit since I have popes into to see your progress. Very neat build. I too had problems with the brass sheer rail - epoxy resin glue and patience are definitely the answer! Also I found that the brass needs quite a bit of heat to get it soft enough to conform with the bow and the elevation at the quarterdeck. Keep posting as I am a few steps behind and it is always good to see how others tackle the build
  5. Dominic Would be great to see a build log. I looked at the Victory Granado but plumped for the jotika version - only second build so the lower price was more attractive
  6. Second rail gave me no trouble at all. Trick is to heat it enough to make it malleable but not melt the metal! Both rails are now own. I'll try and get some photos on this weekend
  7. Yes that is exactly how I did mine. I used the plans to create a template and transferred the position of the gun ports to the ship. Then chain drilled out the ports before squaring off using a rasp
  8. Happy modelling - I could not be bothered starting at that time. Mind you I have only glued on a brass sheer rail tonight. My excuse is that I need to epoxy resin to cure properly - this is definitely a hobby where patience rules!
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