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  1. Only showing the lower part of the masts definitely saves space, but in my opinion the ship doesn't look complete. Where do you put the flags, for example?
  2. Is it appropriate to put netting in the bow section instead of the grating shown in the picture below?
  3. Et en plus, la vitesse maximale du FF230 est seulement 2200 tours/min. And in addition, the maximum speed of the FF230 is only 2200 RPM.
  4. About the drill press, just curious about how you were going to control the x y and z axes?
  5. well, i would not recommend the dremmel workstation for precision work. I have one and it's really hard to get consistent results. For example, I tried to make a pinrail which involved drilling 8 holes across a strip of wood 5mm wide, and rather than getting all the holes to line up across the center, I wound up with a crooked line of holes. In my second attempt, I drew a line across the center of the strip and a line where I wanted the hole and I had to make adjustments for each hole so that I got my straight line. I have since purchased a PROXXON MF70 mill and am currently waiting on parts to convert it to a full CNC machine. Le Dremmel est une grosse perte d"argent. Ça marche mal.
  6. I personally prefer using a lathe. It's easier for me and quite frankly more fun
  7. It's a period ship model known as the Mirage. I don't think the ship ever really existed, but it represents what a French ship of the line looked like at the time. The fact that there is no hole for the bowsprit is because that person didn't complete the work. Mine has a hole. I like your idea of using battens instead of grating. Since this ship never really existed and it's my ship, then I will use your idea of battens. I do have a cheap laser but I am too scared to use it. lol
  8. Thank you. Here is what I am trying to replicate. Notice the complex shape of the grating:
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to cut gratings into shapes. I am trying to install the ship grating on the bow of my Mirage and I can't seem to find a suitable method to cut the gratings. My best method so far is to prepare a template but the template is larger than the square that the grating makes. Thank you in advance.
  10. Great work! Do you find that it is a benefit to prerig the masts? I have always wondered about that. Also, do you prerig the yards to the masts too? well as much as possible anyways.
  11. I am trying to learn Freecad for this purpose. The rendering you see above was done with a demo license of Vectric Aspire.
  12. i use a dremmel with a dremmel workstation. the hard part, for me anyway, is it keep the holes in a straight line.
  13. me too, lol. i have designed the part, but haven't uploaded the GCode yet. The way I am doing it is by cutting two sides at a time. The image below shows the first pass. The second pass would be done by rotating the part 90 degrees. I am not sure how else to do this on a CNC...

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