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  1. Is it appropriate to put netting in the bow section instead of the grating shown in the picture below?
  2. Et en plus, la vitesse maximale du FF230 est seulement 2200 tours/min. And in addition, the maximum speed of the FF230 is only 2200 RPM.
  3. About the drill press, just curious about how you were going to control the x y and z axes?
  4. well, i would not recommend the dremmel workstation for precision work. I have one and it's really hard to get consistent results. For example, I tried to make a pinrail which involved drilling 8 holes across a strip of wood 5mm wide, and rather than getting all the holes to line up across the center, I wound up with a crooked line of holes. In my second attempt, I drew a line across the center of the strip and a line where I wanted the hole and I had to make adjustments for each hole so that I got my straight line. I have since purchased a PROXXON MF70 mill and am currently waiting on p
  5. I personally prefer using a lathe. It's easier for me and quite frankly more fun
  6. It's a period ship model known as the Mirage. I don't think the ship ever really existed, but it represents what a French ship of the line looked like at the time. The fact that there is no hole for the bowsprit is because that person didn't complete the work. Mine has a hole. I like your idea of using battens instead of grating. Since this ship never really existed and it's my ship, then I will use your idea of battens. I do have a cheap laser but I am too scared to use it. lol
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