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  1. Andy, you and I think alike. I think you wrote the chopstick advice on another thread of mine. In fact, I already created just that tool, except I created a tiny loop at the pinhead end so that it was harder for the line to slip off (I was think of using a technique where I tie the line onto the pin and just cut it off when done). I have a hard time picturing how your tool actually moved the line around...although, I think what you were doing was keeping one end of the line taut as you pushed it around the pins with your chopstick tool...right? I actually bought a special pair of scissors
  2. Great responses. Since all the yards are already strongly glued in place and I've attached the blocks according to the earlier instructions, I'm going to basically have to try to follow those lovely instructions bit by bit. I COMPLETELY agree with having to read the same line(s) of instructions over and over and over again. Usually, after the 15th time reading the same line, I figure out what they want me to do. This part of the build will take me a very long time. I know it's extremely delicate and I'm a bit nervous about causing damage. I'm already 2 years into the build and I suspec
  3. I'm finally about to start the running rigging (With Sails) and the first instructions are about connecting the rigging to the yards. Basically, the thread goes through a hole at the top of the mast and then somehow connected to the yard. What I don't see is, How the heck am I supposed to connect the thread to the yard? I'm assuming I just tie it on or is there some subtle part of the instruction I'm missing? Also, other halyard instructions for the other yards look like the rigging just goes through some blocks but never actually tie onto the yard. Is that correct? A large number of
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