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  1. Dmitriy- thanks for your kind comments. That is sheet music of chords and melody for a jazz performer. I only perform part time now, but I performed for 40 years as a professional. I play sax, flute and congas. My wife plays the concert harp. I play jazz with the sax and I accompany my wife on flute for classical performances.
  2. See update on progress of Rattlesnake Model Shipways by jazzdc. This represents 2 years of work. This is my first wooden ship. I have only finished one other ship which was the plastic Golden Hind. I have another post with the first year's work of the Rattlesnake. I appreciate the help I have received from other modelers of varying skill at this site. Seeing photos of other work has helped me tremendously and I hope these photos are useful to another modeler; particularly a novice like myself.
  3. Ed, thanks so much for this quick reply. I did just find the rod as instructed and am much appreciative of you taking the time to help.
  4. Hello - see photo attached of cannon materials and manual illustration for the Model Shipways Rattlesnake. There is additionally an axle in the illustration but I don't see any reference to an axle in the parts menu either in metal fittings or dowels. Any suggestions? There is also a wooden piece on which the end of the cannon rests. Any suggestions about this piece? Leave it out? Use scrap?
  5. I would also like to know about using a natural finish in some areas instead of paint. I have seen 'shellac', 'linseed' and 'stain' terms used regarding this subject but it's difficult to get a comprehensive idea about how these things are used in what combination, quantity or preparation. If someone knows of a link, that would be great. I did find this link online. I hope it helps somebody. All comments welcome http://modelshipbuilder.com/page.php?22
  6. thanks to everyone for your informative replies - much appreciated I think I have learned that many people do not actually paint an accurate waterline. A true waterline must be straight across because water does not bend! Some people follow the planking curves instead and paint along those lines. The result being a possible accurate water line around midship which then curves upward at bow and stern following the curve of the planking. I think I am going to choose to draw a line straight across. any comments welcome
  7. Hi- now that planking is complete above and below the main deck, it's time to paint. After spending so many months planking, I'm very concerned about how to create an accurate line on a curved hull for painting different colors above and below on the rattlesnake as shown in the photo. There is no clear delineation in the planking on this ship showing where the white and black color of the lower hull ought to be painted. Any suggestions or links on creating a line (i've struggled to find exactly what I'm looking for online) for painting would be appreciated.
  8. I have been away for a few weeks but was pleasantly surprised to return and see the very detailed commentary provided to my query. thanks to all for your great insights borne of experience!
  9. hello, working six or eight months behind you on the same ship. I post under jazzdc and I posted two questions recently. Any chance you might weigh in with an opinion?
  10. See photos attached. I have planked to the top of the wale. I have filled in some gaps with shims and glue and then sanded smooth. The question is : how smooth do you want the hull? I could make this a lot smoother but would a slightly rough hewn quality make it seem more authentic to the building standards of the time? I have seen completed models with extremely smooth hulls and it seems that all the hard hand work at planking disappears and the model's hull seems less 'real'. of course, this is still an unpainted hull and perhaps paint would interact with a slightly rougher hull
  11. update on planking. after studying some other ongoing representations of the rattlesnake, here are my partial planking results
  12. See plastic model completed 'Golden hind' - now moving on to wood ships- Rattlesnake. See photos attached. struggling with the beginning of planking on the Rattlesnake!
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