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  1. Deck planking. Caulking done fine black thread. This way need more time than popular method using by beginners-drawing edge of plank by pencil... But for me effect rewards it. Caulking is realy clear. Work in nose moving forward.
  2. Hi. End of the studding. After over halv a year... Everything went correctly with a my plan. But... The photos highlight the bad watching error... But they disappear with the tangle of ropes, guns, or paintings..... By the way, the result was satisfying me.... Next i going to do the deck... Regards.
  3. I started to make a glass-case to another "souvenir". Again a little different. This is the beech wood, buckram. I solder the leds parallel. It is not sanded definitely.
  4. End of the toothpick studding. End of the nails studding on one broadside. So far im though happy from the final effect. But now i would do it a little better.
  5. hi. Durum sander is end. I finished the drum with roll, after it the sandpaper. I m happy with the effect, it is not most beatiful, but it work, and this is the most important thing in this utensil type. The biggest problem with it anchorage the sandpaper to drum.... Precision is very well. For pre-treatment pank to the model, where the harvest is small it can do it good. To set the table top precisely need a little time, but it's worth? I'll add to it the extraction soon.
  6. Continued. I should end it in max 2 days. For now everything is going accoridng to plan.
  7. Main piece of sander is done. There is the bearing and the new 10mm screw
  8. New version of drum and continuation the base
  9. Table is end, but not yet In the near future i make a stronger a countertop...( I glue beech on the "old" countertop)
  10. I going to build a drum grinder. Some missing this tool in workshop. Yes, i know, wood is not the best option to make this type of tools, but for now i dont have a plywood... In progress
  11. Top shelf fot the table in progress, lower shelf in progress, sides are done. Closer to the end..
  12. Drawer is end. I finished it with tung oil.
  13. Hi. Thanks. I use the ready OcCre products. It fit good to Vasa model scale. https://www.occre.com/pins-10-mm.html For the wooden pins i use the toothpick.
  14. Main workbench is end. Was 2 shelf and a drawer. And the his place in the workroom.
  15. This my 1st project that type. Next can be better. But that table i made for heavier work than making models I wanted to avoid buckling the countertop... In the previous Bought tables are twisted.... By the way i glue counter top to legs. This need onlky grind, and look corrects. And after i try to make a drawer and the shelf for tools...
  16. All wood i cut manullay. there for the innacuracies. they will disapeer under the belt grinder.
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