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  1. Hi all, Apologies for the lack of updates. Obviously life has been hectic the world over coupling that with moving house and decorating I have not had chance to work on Surprise recently. However, I'm finding I'm having the itch to work on her a lot and I also have some free time again so I'm raring to go. She currently has the entirety of the outside of the hull modeled to a point where I'm happy to move on for now. However, last time I tried to work on her and I tried to model the interior of the hull (the inner walls) I realised I didn't know how they should look. It
  2. Thank you Malachy. I had totally forgot about latices and looks like a great way to bend elements of the ship like you've shown. Great tip!
  3. Hey all, Apologies for my lack of updates recently, been very busy with work and even a trip to USS Constitution (Which was regrettably closed!) but I'm back on track and been doing some work over the past week or so. First up since the shell of the hull was done I went ahead and added the decks (at the start of the gif below you can also see some basic masts)... These were pretty simple to add as the plans cover them very well. They slightly poke out the side of the hull right now but I'll fix that later when I actually give the hull some depth. My thought p
  4. Hey all, Sorry for the lack of updates. I've managed to find time to work on my model most nights this week and didn't want to spam this post with updates each night. Felt it would be better to group it up into one post. Unless people prefer to see more frequent but smaller updates? So to begin with I created a new spline mesh over the bow with a much more uniform topology. I also took the time to check the spline mesh over the previous mesh I had made to find any more bumps I could take out. I think the results are much better than the previous ones: With th
  5. Hey Martes, Yeah that was very similar to my process so far. I haven't really touched the stern too much yet so your post will be helpful no doubt when I finally get around to working there. Thanks for the post!
  6. Dr PR, No problem! I love documenting my progress and after seeing the results your method could give I had to capture it so other could see it too. I know it's hard to show these things in an image. If you want me to grab any more gifs/videos of this process just shout and I can whip some up for a guide or something. I'm sure it'd be helpful on these forums for other members. Yeah, I understand your caution. I can still see imperfections on my latest mesh and I do plan on working them out as best as I can and tidying up the topology as mentioned. I'm not going for 100%
  7. Hey all, I'm using 3DS Max to create my model but I guess the process is pretty similar in FreeCAD. I stream my model making so if you want to see the process I followed you can watch the VOD of last night stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/539217455?t=00h26m37s I think they stay available for about 2 months on Twitch, but if anyone would like this saved for longer I can cut this up a little bit and stick it on YouTube for safe keeping. Full props on the method should go to Dr PR though! I seriously recommend this method if you need to tidy up an
  8. @Dr PR - Thanks for linking your post. It really helped me out. I spent some time tonight cutting some contour lines across the entire ship and after isolating them so I could see them on a black background I could instantly see what you meant. The imperfections stand out like a sore thumb. So the main bulk of the ship is pretty good, overall I'm happy with what I've achieved there. The stern of the ship is definitely in need of some more detail but I knew that already. I'll tackle all of that when I create the quarter galleries. I'm focusing on the bow right now and I
  9. I read the post you linked to and I think I understand what you mean. Basically, create planes cutting through the hull, and where the two meshes intersect create splines. Then hiding the meshes look down the splines for bumps and imperfections. Create a new spline snapping to the good points on the intersecting spline and leave the bad points out, the program (3DS Max in my case) will interpolate between the two and probably sort out the imperfections. You can then use the spline as a new guide for your original/new mesh that you update/create? Thanks for the reply tho
  10. Hi all, Decided it's time for me to make my own build log as I've got a bit more time on my hands and managed to make some good progress recently after a number of different attempts at the modeling the main hull. I'll start at the beginning. So to begin with a found some nice drawings and ship plans in a book about HMS Surprise from the Aubrey Maturin series of books. I recently finished listening to all the books on my commute to work and fell in love with the ship just as Jack Aubrey did. Luckily I work at a studio with a publishing department and they ha
  11. Thank you. I live in Birmingham, England. Lived in the UK all my life I wasn't so much contemplating building one as I have zero experience building something like this. I was more admiring the HMS Vanguard model by Amati (https://store.amatimodel.com/en/box-mounting-victory-by-amati/amati-models-hms-vanguard.html) It's beautiful and I wondered how the kit looked and saw a review/unboxing here. Looks great, maybe when I'm old and have more free time I can work myself up to a model of that scale
  12. Eventually I'd probably 3D model it and do some other different projects with it. It's going to be predominantly a 3D model first and foremost though so I guess it makes sense in the CAD section.
  13. Thanks for the welcomes! Matt, that's awesome, thank you. I'm learning things as I go too. I have almost 10 years experience with 3DS Max but I'm not an artist (I create levels and the artists will generally make them look nice) but I know my way around the software. Be nice to get feedback from people though so I'm looking forward to creating a progress thread. Would it be best to post my progress thread in the CAD section or the Scratch build section? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, Came across this forum when I saw a review for a model kit I was looking at. Seems like a great place to share progress and get help so had to sign up. I've been fascinated with the old age of sail war ships since I was a kid after playing an educational game called Stowaway! (I recorded a playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rtjujfhfcc) and obviously with movies like Master and Commander and video games like Sid Meier's Pirates! Since then I've become a video game developer and gained skills in 3D software such as 3DS Max and Maya. I recently
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