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  1. Yes! Laying the planks on the model completely repeats the real prototype - two layers, the first diagonal, the second longitudinal. Below is a drawing from a similar steam cutter.
  2. Welcome to the build topic https://modelshipworld.com/topic/26869-28-foot-steam-cutter-on-the-james-white-system-1876-piroscafco-scale-models-124-by-vladislav-lemm/
  3. 28-foot Steam cutter on the James White System (1876), was mounted on the armored cruiser General-Admiral Scale: 1:24 28-foot steam cutter on the James White system was completely wooden constructed and equipped with a single cylinder steam engine with a power of 2 and 1/4 nominal forces. The cutter was built approximately in 1876 and mounted on the armored cruiser General-Admiral of Imperial fleet of the Armed forces of the Russian Empire and was used for transportation of senior officers. Original Specifications: - length.................28 feet 3
  4. Hello! My name is Vladislav Lemm from Moscow. I am just registered on this forum. I plan to build a model of a Russian steam cutter. It is my first wood ship model. I modeled a very long time ago and loved it but mostly plastic models.
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