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  1. Hi Bob, it’s normal to help. Artesiana kit is a good basis you just have to add your own touch to make it different.
  2. Hi Bob, there is also a plan in the magazine n 466 from MRB... https://www.abebooks.fr/rechercher-livre/titre/les-bateaux-de-tabarly/ , this a link I found in France. I don’t know why but it seems to be difficult to find a plan form her nowadays. Just an advise check always the deck composition on the plan there is always some mistakes, you compare with pics you have on the web. Ex the front hatch is almost square and not trapezoidal like you often find on plans. Best regards
  3. Thanks Bob, I have used the plan from an french magazine called MRB and it was in no 379. I had to make some corrections and modifications especially on the deck because there was some mistakes. I also used some photos and I have the chance to live 15 minutes away from Pen Duick harbour.
  4. Pen Duick is the name best known for a series of ocean racing yachts sailed by French yachtsman Eric Tabarly. Meaning coal tit in Breton it was the name Tabarly's father gave to the 1898 Fife gaff cutter he purchased, and that his son learned to sail.[1]He thereafter used the name for a series of successful racing yachts through the '60s and '70s. The hull is wood planking and covered with epoxy fiber glass. All is hand made. If you ask yourself why there is no mast, it’s simply that I don’t have enough room because it would be too high
  5. Hi Keith and Mark, I 've already open an album about Bluebottle. I will next do one for Pen Duick. best regards, Bastaco
  6. Bluebottle is Dragon class boat and was a wedding present to Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip. She was designed and built by Camper & Nicholson LMT in Gosport 1948. The most difficult parts were to find the original plans hidden in a museum in Uk and to choose a version because has an olympic dragon, she had so many modification that you never have the same deck, equipments or position of the mast on the pics.
  7. Hi everybody, I am Bastaco from west part of France and I am an enthusiast model maker who like nice curves from classic wooden boats. My last model was Bluebottle at 1/10, a royal dragon belonging to Prince Philip and the Queen Elisabeth. This winter I am planning to do the well known Baby Bootlegger may be at scale 1/5 just for fun I will open a post to get some information about it and of course I will show the pics as soon as I start. Thanks and have a nice day
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