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  1. Kevin, Thank you so much for this excellent video. Your method is simple and very good. This is a splendid demonstration.
  2. Thanks Schooners! Next project? I have plenty of new projects in my mind, more than I can build in a lifetime (So I have reason to live long 😜). But I am still busy with my 'Anatomy of a boat' which I want to finish before starting a new log.
  3. Bedford, Keith, Druxey, Chris, Mugje, Bob, Michael, Mark & Mark, Richard, Thank you all for your expressions of appreciation.
  4. She just phoned that they arrived in Brussels as planned. Now they are going into quarantaine at home for two weeks.☺️
  5. You're not only a fine modeler, but also a skilled surgeon! Nice work with the box.
  6. Dan, Take heart. I join all modeling friends who think of you and support you in this ordeal. Me too, I cross my fingers so that the treatment will be successful and you will remain active here on the forum for a long time. In any case, I register as follower for your Hamburg Harbourside diorama.
  7. During the gluing of the final plank I pulled the planks together with too much pressure. When removing the clamp, I discovered that it left a notch on the upper side of the plank notwithstanding there was a protective board between the clamp and the strake. The nick is too striking to leave it as it is. I cut a splinter of wood more or less in the shape of the notch and glue it in the notch. After sanding, this oops becomes less conspicuous. During the planking, I marked the frame locations on the hull planks with pencil lines to have an indication where to drill the holes for tree nails. Here the holes are drilled in the garboard and the adjacent planks. After having made the holes, I erase the pencil lines with a pencil eraser because it is easier to do it now than with the nail in it. The holes are filled with bamboo dowels which are dipped in wood glue. The garboard strake and adjacent are sanded. I squirted some wood glue in the garboard notch at places where a chink was visible. During the sanding the chink filled with sand dust which was fixed with the glue. The hull; planked, tree nailed, sanded, scraped and sanded again. Thank you for reading Thank you to follow Thank you for the likes and thank you for your constructive comments, Till next week and keep it healthy!
  8. Raise of salary, yes, that is an option. Otherwise you might ask to retire. Being 'pensionado', I can recommend it, it feels like your whole life is holyday. meanwhile we are in suspense if our daughter and boyfriend will be able to return to Belgium after their trip to Thailand, we keep our fingers crossed. When they arrive back home, they have to go for 2 weeks in quarantaine. But that is not such a drama; in fact we are in a kind of quarantaine as well for the moment.
  9. The portside will be heavier than starboard, but with the massive tin keel the center of gravity will be below. I don't believe that it will give a lot of problems to fix the model on a base plate.

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