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  1. What a relief! I was already afraid that you had crashed with your Fokker D VIII.
  2. Dag Patrick,


    Ik  las net de commentaar van Ab Hoving op de Pelican (Golden Hind). Ik denk dat dit er eentje is om in te kaderen. Niet iedereen ontvangt zoiets.

    Doe zo voort, je bent duidelijk goed bezig.

    Ik denk net het zelfde over uw project als Mr Hoving maar ik ben slechts een nederige amateur. Mijn complimenten wegen niet zo zwaar als die van hem, maar ze zijn zeker even welgemeend.




    1. Backer



      Ben er zelf een beetje van geschrokken (ben er nog van onder de indruk),  wie had dat verwacht. 

      U een amateur???

      Jij kan dingen maken die mijn petje te boven gaan.


      Dank u voor dit bericht. 

      Groetjes,  Patrick 

  3. 3. Keel, stem and rudderpost Before placing the frames definitively, the keelson has to be made. The keelson is made of ebony. To make the slot for the centre board I lay the keelson on the saw table with the saw blade fully turned down. Then I turn up the running saw slowly until the desired length of slot is reached. The ends of the slots still have to be cleaned up. I do it with the fret saw. The keelson is ready to be placed The keelson attached on the building board. The frames involved are removed in advance. The keel is made of mahogany. The slot for
  4. Rigging the top sail. Attachment of the topsail to the gaff. The topsail is held against the topgallant and mast by a rope that is attached to a traveler which can travel over the topgallant and that is going down through two rings at the forward leach of the top sail. The top sail is hoisted. Thank you for reading this log, for your likes and for your constructive comments. Till next week!
  5. Congratulations, Mehmet. I fully agree with Bruce.
  6. The closer I get to the bow and the stern, the greater becomes the slope of the frames. To my pleasant surprise, I can bend the veneer strips nicely along the template without breaking them. This probably wouldn't have been possible with the stiffer ebony. The frame production continues steadily. This week all frames are made. Thank you very much for reading this log, for your likes and for all your interesting reactions. Till next week!
  7. The fore sail is attached to the fore stay with hanks. Making the hanks. Sewing the hanks to the sail and the forestay. Rigging sails is serious business. The shrimper with main sail and fore sail. Two more sails to go. Thank you for reading this log, for your likes and for your constructive comments. Till next week!
  8. Thank you Jim Thanks, Dave. Go ahead, I am glad to giving ideas for other people's models.
  9. I will certainly do, Mark. It looks like I've gotten into something dangerous.
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