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  1. Very well done, Tom. you are absolutely ready to build an entire ship from scratch.
  2. Very nice planking job, Cyclops. You are building just the kind of model that I like. I sign in to follow.
  3. Tom, that looks very nice. It is immediately a completely different view with the drum head on top. Seeing your work, I am very much looking forward to starting my own capstan... when I have some more free time.
  4. Unfortunately I have to put my project on hold for a few weeks. My son has asked me to help out in his company full time for a few weeks. However, full time for him means seven days a week, so there is no time left for model building for the time being. I hope to be able to continue with my clipper during October.
  5. 16. After deck beams Time to finish the deck beams behind the bulkhead. The deck beams round the helm port are reinforced with some carlings. The last deck beams are laid. Thank you very much for reading this log and for your likes and for your comments. Till next week!
  6. 15. Bulkhead The cockpit area and the stern section are separated by a bulkhead. As my model is half anatomic, I will make a half bulkhead: from starboard side to midship. On the pictures you can see that I removed the thwart and the cockpit coaming arrangement, that is also the reason because I didn't glue the different sections in the hull yet. In the bulkhead, a panel, below the thwart gives access to the stern section.
  7. The mast step holds also the goose neck fitting. Sawing a piece of brass plate for the fitting. The goose neck fitting is attached to the mast step with four heavy screws. Imitating those screws: -Drilling four screw holes and knocking a brass nail in each of them. - Cutting the nails and filing them flat. - Sawing a (screwdriver)groove in each of the screws. - Soldering a piece of brass pipe on it as goose beck holder. The goose neck fitting attached to the step of the mast (The pale piece of wood at the bottom is a temporary spacer). In front of the mast stand bits. They consist of a fork shaped piece of ebony. Filing the heads of the bits The bits are placed against the second forward deck beam. To allow the mast to tilt freely from vertical to horizontal position, the lower part must be able to pass through the deck. An opening is provided for this in the foredeck. The carlings for the opening: Round the opening come small coamings. A bit hard to see on the picture. Just behind the mast stand two sheet bits with each thre sheaves to guide the sheets to the holes in the front of the cockpit coaming. I laminate the bits from three thin ebony slats to obtain a straight groove for the sheaves The cap of the sheet bits also contains two sheaves and must be folded into shape. The arrangement of mast step and bits. The whole will not yet glued definitively in the hull at this stage. Thank you very much for reading this log, for your likes and for your comments. Till next week!
  8. Eberhard and Gary, thank you very much for your interest and your complements.
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