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  1. @ Amphibius, that is the glue....wonderful stuff. I have not started fairing the frames. oddly enough the directions have said nothing of doing so even though I know it is needed.
  2. @GiDale, thanks for the advice. Gorilla glue is basically wood glue in superglue format. It is wonderful for those who work in wood but it is not very forgiving when then are errors to be corrected. I have already removed the deck plywood and traced a new piece for cutting tomorrow. I think with what you have told me and the advice from Brian C I see the problem. I must correct the false keel first with the frames then apply the main deck plywood. I will have to try the alcohol on some of the glue to see if it will work in the future as I am sure that I will need it again.
  3. Thanks Brian, though I was afraid someone was going to suggest that. The trouble is I used gorilla wood glue to hold it. I suppose that it was fate or something that the 2mmplywood that Iordered two weeks ago came in yesterday. Hehehe weird. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hey All, I hope that there is some advice for me out there to salvage this build. Currently I am working on the USS America from the Constructo company. The instructions are fairly vague, probably not made for the amateur. Well now I have glued and nailed the deck plywood to the frames and keel as the directions have shown and I noticed that the last three frames are out of alignment. They are square with the rest of the frames and the keel but for some reason there is a twist in the deck. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated. Nate
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