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Corel Berlin Plans


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Welcome aboard Danny,


This is your first post. It would be nice if you could introduce yourself to us. You can do that here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/3-new-to-the-hobby-or-the-nautical-research-guilds-msw/


Have you tried to contact Corel directly for the Berlin plans? You can reach them via e-mail: info@corel-srl.it



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Hi, Thanks for the info. I was hoping to buy a set that someone had used and didn't need  anymore. Anyway, My name is Danny George and I live in Merritt Island, Florida. I used to build wooden ships before my kids came along and now that they are out of the house I would like to return to the hobby. I picked up A Corel Berlin kit on Ebay but I found there were no plans included. I think Model Expo can order a set but I need to call back and verify that. Thanks again for your help.

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If you can live with a somewhat older plan of the ship then try to get a copy of "Eich, Lothar: Risse von Schiffen des 16 und 17. Jahrhunderts."

the book itself is in german but the plans (1:100) don't require you to know the language. A word of warning, the Berlin plan is in all likelyhood somewhat outdated but afaik the overal archival situation of these 17. century ships isn't that great to beginn with, the plans themselfs are good and the book is quite cheap.

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