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AL Blue Nose 2 starting questions


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Hi guys,


Newbie here. I recently got back into plank on frame model ship building. Years ago, I built a Billings Marie Jeane. It was a fun experience although the Billing kit wasn't nearly as nice as AL's. I was living in an apartment back then, didn't have a nice designated space such as a work bench.


Now I finally have a work bench in my garage. I've decided to pick up the hobby again. My new project is the AL's Blue Nose 2. I found John Earl's BN2 tutorial and have decided to follow it step by step.




A few questions.


I have started on the bulkheads and keel. I noticed the first few bulk head extend beyond the bottom of the keel. What to do here?


The top of the few bulk head is not totally flush against the keel top edge. The keel top edge is curved. So it creates a "step" after the bulkhead. Will this edge be sanded down to make the edge of bulkhead follows the curvature of the keel?


The No. 14 bulkhead(the last one on the stern). It doesn't quite fit into the last slot on the keel. It will bump into No. 13. Obviously, a lot of sanding needed on 13 and 14 to make sure they fit. What to go about those two?


Thanks guys.





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Greetings Shaun,


My opinions based on experience:


1. It sounds like some of the slots (either in the bulkheads or keel/former) need to tweaked.

2. The tops of the bulkheads need to be flush with the top of keel former, so you will have to deepen the slots of the offending bulkheads. Due to the sheer (top slope of the bulkhead former) you may find that the fore or aft edge of the bulkhead can be made flush, but the other edge is slightly below the top of the former. This is perfectly fine, so long as one edge or the other is flush with the bulkhead top. In no case should bulkhead tops extend above the former. Further, do not sand down the tops of the bulkheads to make them flush. If you do you will bugger up the camber (cross slope) of the deck.

3. For bulkheads that extend below the former, the slots may be too deep. First check to be sure that the tops of the bulkheads are flush with the former as discussed above and, if so, just sand the bottom of the bulkheads until they fit and match the bottom slope of the keel/former. If the entire top of the bulkhead is below the top of the former, as well as the bottom, the slot is too deep and you will need to shim it with scrap wood to make it flush with the top of the former, first, before you sand it to shape.

4. By all means trim #14 until it fits correctly.




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