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dremmel tool from RotaCraft

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hi fellow modellers.

i have some time ago purchased the dremmel tool from RotaCraft. very basic one, was cheap and came with all sorts of attachements.

it did its job and then it was sitting in the cupboard waiting for its time.

the time came when i have got my Victory from deagostini and have been fairing the hull. again, it did its job.

after fairing i tried to create a tool to easen up the chamfering process for planks. i have made simple enclosure in form of table and have somehow managed to attach this dremmel inside with the sanding drum sticking out of the table just enough to use it as sander...

and here comes the problem. the drum sander kit is not spinning as it should. it runs on eliptical curve rather than on circle. looks like the pin is bent, but i have tried a few of them and these are straight as one can be. would you think that this is a problem with the chuck on the dremmel? i know its a cheap one, i was thinking on replacing it anyways, what dremmel tool would you recommend?

thank you



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