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  1. kevin, out of curiosity, did you have to pay customs charge on this? if so, how much was it? i am thinking about getting something from CAF in the future, but only if tax will not be prohibitive
  2. it is too late for that. fittings are glued to the deck. besides, i only took this as an exercise. before i continue on another one from the boneyard of unfinished models... but thank you anyways.
  3. i remember the times when computer programs were actually simple and did what you wanted them to do. this bleeding photo app on win10 cannot do simple image resize. and the one i downloaded to do image resize have distorted the pics. i had to re-do it again. third time. hope now its ok.
  4. I have been working on this for about a month. I had to stay home with my better half due to her scheduled minor operation. So since i had nothing better to do apart from this, i cracked open a few cold ones, turned on my favorite stream and been cutting out, shaping and glueing this lovely little kit. Chosen for its lack of complicated rigging, only two cannons and easy lines of hull. I need a little practice before i jump back in to the deep end of my Victory build. And Santa leocadia, La belle poule, Lexington and tonne of the others that i have all around me. every square inch of my worksh
  5. this is weird way of building superstructures. i know its cheap, but seeing your example, i would tend to think that probably more common than one would welcome in such expensive toy... well, you certainly took some challenge head on.
  6. i thought the same. and great disappointment we will never see his huge project finished... that fleet would be mighty. and Tirpitz in scale 1/100... this year sucks...
  7. Bakendrid, you are a bout a month too late with any tips. our dear Dan Vadas have passed away after a long fight with illness And for me was a great shock that Martanek41 have passed away too...
  8. ah, brings back memories. i built this beast when i was about 12... that time i didnt hear about airbrush, no putty, no squaring edges, no drywash and other hocus-pocus... i built it, painted it with 3 shades of green i had and hanged it in my bedroom. done. saying this, i always liked it for its retro look. there was also a paper model in making, being done by a papermodeler.sk member HlavaXXII in slightly larger scale and a lot more detail. if this was ever completed project i have no idea...
  9. This is wonderfully detailed model. Congratulations on your work Tom. i would like to ask something that is bothering me. How heavy will be final packaged and shipped box?
  10. How are you coping with your builds? Are you coming back to this?
  11. Is that so? Last time i tried resin it flew into the trashcan before i managed to glue two sides together. It was the worst cast i ever seen...
  12. i am affraid, you might be bitting a lot more than you can chew with Eduard. if you go into resin, you might be cursing the day you abandoned this kit...
  13. I have finally got my hands on these. They had to travel to Philippines and in 5 days will travel with me to UK. Safe to say, they will travel all around the world... thank you for this opportunity.
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