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  1. are you going to rip it apart now? if so, i am so sorry i found those...
  2. Ok boys, you have all compared the size of your erm... tool. I have olfa cutter. Meant to be good. Found that i have to insert a wedge in between the sliding part and stationary part. There was too much play there.
  3. very nice. brings back memories. in former Czechoslovakia, there was this magazine published, called ABC. each issue coming with card model, mostly for beginers, but over the years, plenty of complex and complicated models been released. my personal favourite, MPR https://images.app.goo.gl/hRyWzyzbgUS8naqb6 back to your bombard cannon. in one of the issues, there was a 3d model of the bombard cannon (or its reconstruction according to different sources). i will not post the model here, because it is not public domain, but i believe it wont hurt if i post the instruction drawings. the cannon was meant to be made out of paper and a crayon. i must stress, this is not public domain. i also have physical copy of this model. (electronic copy too, for archive purposes). reason i post this is that on this plan there is also a plan for "accessory". sort of "gun port lid"
  4. The main thing is, shouldnt you have your mill by now?
  5. danny, as usual, marvelous job. I would like to point my nit-picking finger at something my steam junkie friends at our Slovakian forum been discussing for some time. shape of buffers. apparently, buffers have specific shapes. one has got shape of mushroom, and the other one too, just inverted. they fit into each other, a bit like a joint into its socket. this is done for purpose of wear and also to protect buffers from damage in curved parts of the track. have a look here: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-gwr-1400-class-0-4-2t-no-1466-stands-outside-the-shed-at-didcot-railway-173369438.html https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=680&picture=steam-train-buffer https://www.alamy.com/close-up-of-buffers-on-a-derelict-diesel-locomotive-train-at-the-cambrian-heritage-railway-museum-in-oswestry-shropshire-uk-image213540210.html on modern gear this is sorted with differently shaped rectangular buffers. I don't mean to cause any headache or sleepless night to you. at this scale you could as well just leave it as it is...
  6. So, what are you going to start building next? I assume this all will be finished by xmas...
  7. If i may suggest Danny, the top quality locos are considered to be Angraf. I have had a look through a few of them, nearly half a thickness of a Bible. And beautyfully drawn. Mostly without any problems from what i heard.
  8. I am sorry to say, but no matter what you try, CAD will be slow, if worked on laptop. It is a combination of factors. Mobile grade processors without dedicated GPU is your bottle neck. I have been trying to do 1080p video editing on my macbook pro with i7 processor and have given up. Performance sluggish, same behavior as you describe. I gave up. Built myself a computer with i7 desktop grade processor, tonne of memory and dedicated GPU. No problems since.
  9. Wait... i need to correct a few points.: 1, Forum is not Czech, it is Slovak. .SK part of web address suggests that (not nitpicking at all...) 2, Brzdic (his name) is not only above your skill, he has a chair in Vallhala, Pantheon, Round table and at every other place of full of mythical skills. 3, yes, he is that good... 4, reason for some parts not fitting is according to him not only fairing, but most probably the fact that he laminated parts himself, on his own stock and did not account for thickness properly. it just shows, how precise Halinski is... dont mean to hijack your post, but id like to show what i have been working yesterday. it is by no means a quality i could compare to yours, hell no. you are quickly becoming one of the most skillful paper modellers i have ever encountered. if you dont mind, i present my attempt at Hms Victory lanterns. One of them so far. Took me a day and needs retouching if edges.
  10. Really nice work. I only realized, you used two pieces if card stock glued to your work top as a jig to hold oil pan together... note to myself...
  11. no Danny. those are Alin's engines... no scratch. Bernie is in a class of his own. same as Doris, he is well known for his mastery. maybe not in the Oz, but in Central Europe his name means quality work...

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