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  1. Really nice work. I only realized, you used two pieces if card stock glued to your work top as a jig to hold oil pan together... note to myself...
  2. no Danny. those are Alin's engines... no scratch. Bernie is in a class of his own. same as Doris, he is well known for his mastery. maybe not in the Oz, but in Central Europe his name means quality work...
  3. I dont think its to do with scale. Its to do with the actual size of the model...
  4. Nice work Danny. One comment maybe. On the first page of the thread, a lot of pics dont show. Would you be able to reupload them so i too can admire?
  5. I like to listen to construction noise (EDF) so for me www.BassDrive.com
  6. Glue a bit of lead at the bottom, for extra stability. for those coming from eastern Europe, i have managed to snatch a kit of Santa Maria by Igra. For around 25 euros. when i was a kiddo, me and my dad tried to build it. I will just shorten the story when i say we failed miserably. The hulk was sitting on a shelf in the kitchen slowly eaten away by a pair of budgies before dispossed off by my mum. i have been trying to get my hands on one for so long. Finally after a chance look on fleebay lst week i found one with 45 mins to go. So ive put £100 on it just in case... and for the rest of you guys, this is how it looks like. Its not accurate at all, its for nostalgia purposes.
  7. maaaslo

    Black hole

    Cos this one is placed in galaxy far, far away...
  8. I might still have a Merlin with the engine mount somewhere in my computer. I could have a look if you want me to...
  9. so you are copying the original you purchased and changing the scale, right? that's a good way. just make sure that every page you print is in same settings. otherwise, your plane wont fit... LOL, im sure you know that. paint me pink and call me obvious.
  10. Unless you going to change the scale yourself, it is going to be 1:33
  11. Danny, tabs are there for you to slice them off. Polish kits dont have tabs. Tab-less joint is stronger then one with tabs... but i realise, i am not the one building this model. Perhaps for future you will know to stay away from SB
  12. Did you try laminating it? Sometimes it helps to strenghten the paper (as you know). I never had a chance to get my hands on SB kit. Is it really such thin card? Another option could be taking it to profesional printing studio and asking them to scan it and printing it onto something heavier. Bit pricey i admit.
  13. I see you have been fighting with the paper a bit. one side of your build is creased, isn't it?
  14. I received I vol1 of HMS Swan class sloop by David Antscherl. it cost me only 45USD so good value. now if I only could get the set of plans for the Swan. this message is worrying."We are no longer providing plans or supportive material for the Swan class series of ships." so if there is someone who would want to get rid of his/hers for a reasonable price...

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