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  1. largest scale Shipyard does is so called SuperPlans edition. they did 3 models. I have one of those at home. Funny enough, it is also Enterprize. scale is 1/72. One could think your approach is even better. it will allow you to add details that on smaller scale are a bit too hard to do. At least for us, sub human. not everybody can be like DORIS, or when it comes to it, like you. I would also reconsider leaving hatch covers opened. leaves a lot of empty room, that is calling for details, detail that you wont be able to fill anymore. decks are glued... my hat off. you are showing some really nice progress. although, I don't think you will manage to finish this beauty in 5 months.
  2. is this sort of framework also present on the real ship? in same configuration? if so, it would not be so hard to build this in semi-admiralty style with visible framework (at least the deck) and all the bells and whistles under the top decks...
  3. Chuck, good step. i know how stupid people can get. i would like to ask about tooling for your blocks? i was looking into making them. i am currently on the hunt for a nice proxxon mill, a kit to convert it to cnc mill and i would like to have a go at producing my own blocks. in one of your previous posts you mentioned some special mill bits that cost some around 750 dollars. would you share what they look like and where to get them from? Thank you
  4. a little bit after the party finished... without the doubt outstanding build. one little detail though. direction of wind would prevent the flags to be in the position you have them on the model. your sails would suggest that these are under wind. if that is the case, flags should be positioned other way around. please do not get offended, i simply am being nit-picking here...
  5. so this is Tanganika.... i never realised this timber species is called tanganika. it does turn quite brittle, especially when pulled off of the shelf after 12 years.
  6. i got myself a kit of La Gloire off of a shop i have only later discovered was based in the Oz. 400quid i paid for it. later got hit by another over 180quid in customs charges... paid it in a blink of an eye. that kit is so much cheaper now, but i dont care. and the wife never found out...LOL
  7. eh, my 13 year old tries to embarrass me in public asking those kind of questions... trust me, these kids know more at a lot younger age than us when we turned 18...
  8. oh not at all. is it not enough of it in the news already? besides, i hold too much respect towards Chris and his work to be biased. whatever his views.
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