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  1. Is it this one mate? https://ancre.fr/en/monograph/103-le-rochefort-yachts-de-port-1787.html#/langue-anglais
  2. Everything in the box is in remarkable condition for its age. This kit is of a first edition as per the number on the box. there is a small handfull of parts taken out of their frames. Box has got one corner damaged and a small piece of the damage on the top of the box from the tape. The water transfer sheet is present and undamaged. Instructions and a warranty card present. i dont have a slightest clue of what this is worth i just know how much i paid a week ago. As long as i get that (or equivalent in other means) i will be happy.
  3. I picked this kit at the local carboot. box in damaged condition. kit unstarted but some parts removed from frame, otherwise complete. i am willing to let go of this for a reasonable offer. more pictures after i get a chance.
  4. erm, what eyes dont see, heart dont care about... just tell her you found it in scrap...
  5. largest scale Shipyard does is so called SuperPlans edition. they did 3 models. I have one of those at home. Funny enough, it is also Enterprize. scale is 1/72. One could think your approach is even better. it will allow you to add details that on smaller scale are a bit too hard to do. At least for us, sub human. not everybody can be like DORIS, or when it comes to it, like you. I would also reconsider leaving hatch covers opened. leaves a lot of empty room, that is calling for details, detail that you wont be able to fill anymore. decks are glued... my hat off. you are showing some really nice progress. although, I don't think you will manage to finish this beauty in 5 months.
  6. is this sort of framework also present on the real ship? in same configuration? if so, it would not be so hard to build this in semi-admiralty style with visible framework (at least the deck) and all the bells and whistles under the top decks...
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