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yards, booms, and spars

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Hi james here...........getting back into this ship modeling business I bought solid hull Elsie and Sultana.  In the meanwhile Ive been "practicing on the plastic Black Swan......which I am hybridizing(sic).  At any rate I do not want to use the plastic sails or shrouds(ratlines).  So any suggestions regarding placing my own yards and spars?  Ive not done that before, but as I say, this is a practice project.  I know I can use the plastic parts for reference.  I have Jackstay, Mastini, and Lankford, but from what Ive seen here......you folks put all that to practical use.....





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James, I would suggest going to your local lumber or hardware store and getting dime hardwood dowel then stopping by the local craft store and getting some crotchet cotton and sewing thread for the rigging. If you're willing to wait you could also check out Chucks website (he's one of the long time regulars here). I understand he has some very nice rigging line available in varying sizes

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