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Seizing for dummies (aka me)

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Alright....  here's a good indication as to how much of a novice I am (still).  How on earth does one seize the lines, as in gun tackle, shrouds, etc.  I saw someone's tutorial on here before, but it was lost in the crash unfortunately. 


I tried to seize one end of the gun tackle on my Niagara (seize onto the single block's strop, then reeve through the double, then single,then back thru double).  I tried a simple overhand knot (I know- no knots on ships!) to hold & start it, then just wrapped the line around the tackle (probably 1.5 times the length of the block), then did some sort of hitch knot at the top.  (Btw, I still need to learn my knots- was not a boy scout.)


Pictures that clearly show this would be great if any are available!!!





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Rich look at Hubert's site "Shipbuilding for Dummies"  cost is $40 for life, worth every dime!!

Here is link to "Zip Seizing" his technique.  http://www.shipmodeling.ca/subs/aa123.html#1    Look for #9 tip.


Any problems with viewing let me know. Hubert is very helpful and occasionally posts a video tip here on MSW for non members as well.



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