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CW Blockade runners.. oh yeah.


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hi, I am going to attempt a plastic build of the Harriet Lane Blockade runner by Lindburg however I am wanting to modify it and thus my question. what I like about the blockade runners were their sleek and fast, un-fussy and simple design. so I want to cut off the bowsprit, make a turtleback covered deck, while we are here what was the purpose of those? due away with the topmast, mainyard, et al. you know, turn it into a sleek and fast blockade runner with not that much up top.. so, were existing ships of the day thus modified to make them have a lower profile? or were they only built thus. also what was the preferred color scheme for these vessels? bulwarks red? gray? freeboard, etc I want to modify it like the one in the picture but although I am not making any specific blockade runner, like a generic every day blockade runner, I want to keep it historically accurate, plus I want to learn more about these vessels. 


thanks for any info you may have.  


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