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  1. ok boys n girls... this model is FINITO! i built the case out of single strength pane glass. the base is stained pine. i am trying to source brass L brackets to replace the copper tape and brass stips for the bottom of the glass. I added the 'Pali de Casada', those iconic striped mooring poles you find all over venice. They were originally lantern post so that people would be able to find the entrance to their Palazzos in the night. they are painted with different color swirls to denote different families, the red and white belong to the Foscari family in whose grounds the university is now p
  2. CIAO! so the Sandolo is basically finished. i painted one of the oars and sanded down the forcolas. painted hull et al. this has not really been a how to build log but still, i hope informative in the history of these boats. here is the manufacturer's website on the step by step build http://www.veniceboats.com/it-modelli-kit-sandolo-1-18.htm next i will build a case for it and then i'll be done done. i am considering installing in the case one or two red and white 'Pali di Casada, https://www.theveniceinsider.com/colourful-poles-landmark-venice/ i was origianlly thinking two (one
  3. Bawnjorno.... and happy Valentines Day. so after both shelves were installed it was next time to paint the topside. i did decide to go with a flat black. once the paint is on i've been rubbing it with a scotch pad to add a little bit of sheen to it. also I duplicated the color of the floors, on the transom and bow, as i saw a web picture with such a design. next up is the oars and the forcolas, the most important part of these boats and what makes them truly unique. those will take some doing. I am also contemplating some sort of base. i've been thinking about making a cross section of
  4. the ribs and the stringers have been painted, installed and glued, as has been the deck or more accurately, shelf. this piece has to be sanded at a bevel for it to fit the inside of the hull. I am still playing around with colors. these boats are painted a high gloss. I usually don't paint my models and when i do always use flat paints for them to look scale. the flat however on this wood, wich is very thirsty, looks rather dull and dead. but the gloss looks out of scale and thus out of place. so i need to find a semi gloss or satin (ideas?) . i've ditched the dark blue topside idea in favour
  5. HEY! wellcome fellow raleigh modeler! i just looked up the Vaporeto, (i've not been to Venice) and yes, what a cool boat. i am a big fan of ferries, water busses and working boats in general.
  6. colors... colors.. so as we have learned the Gondolas where painted black, but the working Sandolos are all over the map in hues. Mitch has told me that as a result of a reggae resurgence and weed amongst the young people of Venice, several of the Sandolos are painted in the Ethiopian green, gold and red. while I am all down with Reggae and weed I think a more traditional and demure color scheme for this build, thus i've decided light blue interior, red floor, dark blue topside, black hull and white ribs, just four colors. several dark blue ones show up on google images, thus the inspiration.
  7. more on History, here is a video on the evolution of the Venetian gondola, wich is a version of the Sandolo. this is a brilliant article by Sean Wilsey that describes the handling of a Sandolo as well as the Venitian culture of their boats. Very much worth the read. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/04/22/open-water enjoy. JP
  8. thanks bob. these are a fun and different exercise from the rigged ships i usually build. That Amati kit you have is a good one that builds a gorgeous model
  9. as there are no right angles on this boat it's difficult to use brackets as you would in a traditional POB hull. i found after some dry runs that be best way to attach the hull sides is to glue both of them to the center thwart. also it's best to use tape and rubber bands to hold the model together as the glue sets. I am using white glue instead of CA. the model will need to be painted before completion so i will have to research traditional painting schemes.
  10. ok, the build has started and it's moving rapidly. the Kit is in 1:36 'scala wich results in a model 46cm LOA (18 inches) it comprises two sheets of very well laser cut pieces, 84 pieces in all, including a three piece display stand with a name plate.
  11. I will soon start a build log of the Sandolo Buranello. As a way of introduction to this very special boat, I asked my friend M Virchick who gave me the kit as a gift to do a write up on them. He has been for the last 20 years living in Morocco and traveling to Italy where he took lessons on the art, and it is an art, of rowing the boats of Venice. here is his story. The Sàndolo A Venetian rowing boat Ask anyone to name a boat associated with Venice, and everyone will immediately think of the gondola, the symbol not only of touristic Venice but of the long history
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